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Meet your Realtor: Eunice Wang

Meet Eunice Wang. She is a single mother, local business owner, resident, and now real estate agent (since May 2018) with Coldwell Banker. Eunice is the owner/operator of China Palace, located on Rt 219 (near Walmart) in Lewisburg. New to the game of real estate, Eunice is eager to sell or list your home/property. She is also here to help you find your future dream home. Daily, you can find Eunice at the restaurant. Learn more about her with our Q&A:
Where are you from and what is your professional background?
I have lived in the United States since 1981. I moved here from Taiwan. I received my Bachelor of Science from Truman University (formerly Northeast State University) in Kirksville, MO in 1985. I have been working in the restaurant & retail business for over 35 years.
We understand that you are new to the world of real estate. How does it feel to start this new career?
I’m very excited about this new field of business. In a way, it’s like the restaurant business. Both deal greatly with customers. It’s all about providing services.
How/why did you decide to work in this industry?
The main reason I went into the real estate business is that I want to challenge myself.
Why did you choose to work with Caldwell Banker Stuart & Watts Real Estate?
You always want to work with the number one company. Plus, I know Tom & everybody knows Tom. He is a great boss.
Why do you think someone should choose you to be their agent?
A customer can choose anyone to be their agent. But I will do my best to help my customers if they choose me.
How has your experience(s) been so far?
I have been riding with my boss on the field to observe how he interacts with customers. I also learn a lot from the class in the office. So far, I am thankful that friends & customers are giving me their property for listings.
What are your current listings? 
My current listings are:
  • 2 acres land at Victory Lane in Lewisburg, WV
  • Medical building. 226 skylar drive, Lewisburg WV
How does real estate work?
First, you get the WV real estate license. Then, you join your county board of realtors. In my case, I joined the Greenbrier County Board of Realtors. Then you can put your listings on the MLS so all the agents can help sell the property for customers.
Can any agent sell any home that is listed with a realtor?
Will you update us on your first closing? We are excited to see you grow! 
Yes. Of course.
Have a question for Eunice? Visit her at China Palace or give her a call at 304-646-1331. 
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