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Groovy Highway: Mother Nature’s Incredible Technicolor Leaf Show

Hello, Friends.  Happy Autumn !!! When talking to people indigenous to the area and who have lived here most, or all of their lives, I have found that quite a few say that there is nothing to do around here. Mostly younger people, I might add. I think that a lot of them yearn for the hustle and bustle of the big city. The allure of the city’s bright lights has them mesmerized and believing you must go there for “things to do”… I grew up there and I can tell ya, “ It ain’t so great and all it’s cracked up to be.”  Well, ‘cracked up’, yeah maybe. Take that as you will.

First of all, they are talking to the wrong person. I write for #HashtagWV and it’s the number one source for fun and cool things to do in the area. 7,000+ copies on newsstands every month and they are FREE. Pick up a copy; there is tons of stuff to do. So much, in fact, that our pages are overflowing and it’s virtually impossible to cover it all.  Music, Art and a whole lot more. Great restaurants … an influx and fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, German, Irish, Jamaican… as well as our local Mom & Pop favorites..

Lots of fine bakeries and sweet shoppes too. A brand new Cinema 8 Multiplex Theater in Lewisburg. Golfing at the Greenbrier Hotel and day spa… or maybe you might just want to pamper yourself and enjoy the spa. Farmers’ markets with locally grown produce. Huge weekend flea market at the state fairgrounds. Lots of quaint little thrift and specialty shops, as well. Hunting, fishing, swimming, camping, biking , canoeing.

If you just want to float the river, you can venture out on your own or attend one of the many riverfests that the area has to offer.  3 and 4 day music festivals…. and nothing to do, huh?  …and if that isn’t enough… Wait for it… I saved the best for last. Lastly, but surely not least… (I’m not just talkin’ to Shirley, here either… but I’d like to take this opportunity to say, “Hi, Shirley”. She is the manager at Habitat for Humanity in Lewisburg.

A wonderful lady and one of my most avid readers. “Thank you, Shirley.” We also have some of the best and most generous local charitable organizations like you might not find anywhere else.) OK, back to last, but not least… West Virginia has some of the most beautiful scenery Mother Nature has to offer.

Mountains, rivers, streams, nature trails, rolling hills of green pastures, underground caverns, wild critters, fresh mountain air and beautiful clear blue skies, starry nights, gentle, warm Summer rains, lightning shows with rolling thunder across the mountains …. and wildflowers. I love wildflowers.

..and now the Fall Season is upon us. Bonfires, hayrides, pumpkins, and warm local cider. Does it get any better than this? Read on. If everything I mentioned isn’t enough, there’s the leaves. The incredible, magical technicolor show of the changing leaves throughout our most heavenly, wild and wonderful countryside. West Virginia most definitely lives up to it’s name. Please take the time to drive your own groovy highways through the beautiful mountains of West Virginia to see Mother Nature’s Incredible Technicolor Show of Leaves. It’s a free show and it happens every year.

Fun for the whole family… or an intimate date. A good first date, or to celebrate an anniversary… Maybe just to reflect on life. Whatever your reason,  get in the car and check them out…. or better yet, hop on your motorcycle if you are fortunate enough to ride…. Until next month, keep the rubber side down and stay groovy. Peace -the Random Prophet

 – Thoughts? Email me at HashtagWV #106. October 2018.

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