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WV Artist on Display: Sharp’ie Shapes of Imagination w/ Josh Miller.

Sharpie markers… they are one of the most basic art supplies around, but also one of the most versatile. While most of us leave them laying around the house, Josh Miller uses them to create unique shapes of imagination. Some are beautiful, some are great. His shapes are flowers, faces, fruits, or cat-men. Since 2005, Josh has participated in numerous art shows across the state, including FestivALL in Charleston, where he was featured on the front page of the Charleston Gazette. He had had five one-man shows in the past five years. His shows have included Taylor Books in Charleston, Zen Arts in Morgantown, Studio Forty, and Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg. Art collectors, including Harvey Peyton and former WV Governor Gaston Caperton own numerous pieces of Josh’s work. Learn more about Josh and his inspirations with our Q&A:

How do you describe your palette?

“I use happy colors like red, orange, blue and sometimes purple. They are emotional colors, like red is respectful of peace.”

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

“I drew a series of pieces for the Literary Festival a few years ago. One of the pieces was ‘Rocket Boys’, and I gave the piece to Homer Hickam after he spoke at Carnegie Hall.  He said he was going to hang it in his office. I also liked having an article in the Charleston Gazette.”

What obstacles do you need to overcome to find your creative space?

“Sometimes I just need a break. I might take two or three months off from drawing, then one day I just start drawing again.”

How do you find your inspiration?

“There was an artist who was from Istanbul, he traveled to Egypt and carved images in stone in a cave there. My art is inspired from his work. I get visions of his work.”

What advise do you have for other artists?

“It’s a good thing for you to do art.”


What is your favorite piece you’ve made and why?

“‘The Wild Cat’. You have to make a circle first and then the eyes and ears and then there it is. A great piece.”

How can our readers purchase your pieces? 

“I have work at the Greenbrier Valley Artisans Gallery next to the Greenbrier Valley Theater on Washington St., and an occasional piece at Studio Forty.”

What is the best way for our readers to find you?

“You can contact me through the Fine Artisan’s Gallery or Studio 40 in downtown Lewisburg.”     

– HashtagWV #105. September 2018.

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