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Groovy Highway: Can’t Buy Me Love…But Children Can Always Make Me Smile. by Random Prophet

Hello, Friends and welcome to another installment of Groovy Highway.

Hot, sticky August to be exact. Wear shoes. No one shall ever burn their feet on Groovy Highway. That just wouldn’t be groovy a’tall.

First of all, I gotta say. “Wow”! …and my most sincere and humble “Thank You”. I have had overwhelming response and quite a lot of feedback around town and I am finding that many people read my column and travel Groovy Highway with me each and every month here at #HashtagWV central… (or is it #HashtagLewisburg? Wait a minute. It’s both. Two. Two treats in one.)  I must say this to all of my loyal readers and new found friends that I meet as I travel about town…. “It’s already outtasight and it’s only gonna get better… and you can take that to the bank.” Remember that last part ‘cause it’s a premature segue’ to what lies ahead on Groovy Highway this month. I would also like to invite anyone else that might be waiting at the turnstile and wants to travel with me. Hop in.

One more important thing before we travel ahead to find out what “money can’t buy”….Okay. Okay. I’ll just say it. I’d like to apologize for my absence last month… I could say I was sick, but that’d be a lie… and if I ever lied to you, I’d no longer be the Random Prophet. A lotta chit was goin’ down that wasn’t so groovy. Chit? It happens. We all have a little chit in our lives… and now, without further adieu, on with the show.

I never put a lot of stock in money. In fact, I never bought a stock in my life. Ask yourself this question: “Are there more important things in life than money”? Don’t get me wrong; I understand the importance of money. I know we need money to live and survive in this world and frankly, I like what money affords. I also believe in hard work and earning it. More importantly than making money; making something of yourself.

When we are born we know nothing of money. The knowledge and concept of money is learned behavior. When we are born we need only three things: food, nurturing and love. Throughout our lives that never really changes.

Money does crazy things to people. It changes people. It makes some rob, cheat and steal. Some people will kill for money. It affects how we treat others; how much “stock” we put in people.  Money affects how we think about other people. It makes us judgmental and in turn, it affects how we look at people.                                                                   

A poor homeless person gets looked down upon because he is poor and homeless… and has no money. I have actually seen someone spit on a homeless person. You gotta ask yourself, “WHY”? The answer? Because he has no money. He asked the person for money because he was hungry and in return, he got no food, no nurturing and no love… Just another day of hunger, spit and a hit to his pride…… Wait !!!! ! There’s an upside to all of this and my original thought. It’s not all bad. The original thought is a good one. A positive one. A beautiful thought. Remember, we ARE on Groovy Highway.The way this month’s random thought came to fruition is pretty interesting. Keep reading….

I was outside doing some yard work when I spotted a coin; what I thought to be a quarter partially buried in the dirt. I picked it up and brushed the dirt from it. It didn’t feel like a regular coin, though. As I brushed it off, I realized it was a little plastic quarter that one of my next door neighbor’s little girls had lost in my yard … who knows how long ago. As I gazed at it “gleaming” in the sun, I was not disappointed. I thought more of what a treasure that it was; what that coin actually represented. I never had children of my own, but I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful family living next door to me for the last ten years and watching their children grow up. ( Some, still growing). What is that coin worth?  To me, it is priceless. All of the wonderful memories that are attached to it. What that little plastic quarter represents; you cannot put a price on that. If it had been actual currency it would have been worthless to me . . .spent and long forgotten. On a sad note, my neighbors are moving and I would like to take this opportunity to tell them how much they’ll be missed. “Kris, Rachel, Regina, Megan, Kristin, Courtney and Isabella. I will forever treasure that coin and I am going to miss each and every one of you. I wish you nothing but the best in your new home… (and in your new school, Courtney and Isabella. You’ll do fine. You’ll see.) Kris and Rachel, thank you for including me and making me a part of your family. I love you all….. and “Thanks for the memories”.

So, now. What does money mean to you? You can’t put a price on good friends and company. Can’t buy me love but children can always make me smile.  Until next month, keep the rubber side down and stay groovy.

– Peace. The Random Prophet. Thoughts? Email me at

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