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Through the Looking Glass & Beyond. A Magical Journey Through the World of Alpha Music (Part 2)

Welcome back to #HashtagWV’s mystical tour through and beyond the looking glass that is Alpha Music in Lewisburg, WV. First, I would like to thank the many people on the tour for your feedback and to answer the most asked question(s). Alpha Music 304-645-2605. They are located at 1613, 221 W Fair St, Lewisburg, WV 24901, directly across from the West Virginia State Fairgrounds. … and a correction from last month’s article: Alpha Music was started by Warren Hatcher in 1956 as ‘Hatcher’s Music’; not 1986. 1981 is when the name changed to Alpha Music. Warren is grandfather to Charlie and father to Rusty, who both currently run Alpha today.

If you were on our tour last month, you would know that we were headed into the ‘Room Electric’. This is the room which holds the electric guitars, accessories, goodies and the accouterments that go with them. If you are just joining our tour you can catch up by going to the HashtagWV webpage. Hurry up… We’ll wait. Ha ha.

Now that everyone has caught up with the tour, it’s on to the ‘Room Electric’.  Ahhhhh. A room for the electric musician. Fender. Gibson. Epiphone, Gretsch, PRS (Paul Reed Smith to the novice)… and the list goes on.  Vintage, new, used, and not abused . . . and like the ‘Great Wall of Acoustic Guitars’ we saw in the room before this, you can plug in and play the guitar that you like… just not too loud. Dan is tryin’ to think. Ha ha ha. Important to ask for assistance in the ‘Room Electric’, though.  You are much better off asking for assistance. Too much goin’ on in here. Alpha also offers an array of new and vintage amps and effects pedals, cables and cords. Suggestions for compatible amplifiers and effects pedals is yet another great service found at Alpha. Looking around the room, if you don’t see the object of your desire, they will find it for you. Whether you want to wawa, phaseshift or you just want to be a little distorted, Alpha music can make it happen.  If we are lucky, Dan might show us a couple cool riffs on a Stratocaster or Les Paul.  After we get done jammin’, let’s head to the repair shop located at the back of Alpha.


As we exit the ‘Room Electric’, we make our way back through the ‘Great Wall of Acoustic Guitars’. Man, they’re pretty.  Beautiful guitars.  Look beyond the wall and to the back of the store and we see a small doorway with what looks to be some strange activity and goings-on back there. It looks to be a frightful mess too, but lets take a closer look… We are about to enter what I like to call, ‘The Back Room’… ‘cause it is the back room. Uh-oh. Oh, man. Really? We have run out of space in this issue. We will have to journey on next month. Remember, if you need to catch up on the tour at anytime, you can always go to and read back issues of the paper. That goes for any past articles, by the way. So, next month we will find out what’s going on in the ‘Back Room’ of all that is Alpha Music. Until then, Keep rockin’.

– Random Prophet, Hashtag #102. June 2018.

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