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Groovy Highway: Summer Breeze in 1972. May We Never Pass this Way Again.

It’s a sunny Summer day in 1972. I can smell the honeysuckle in the air. A bit humid in the sun, but a nice breeze if I can find some shade. I skid my bicycle along the sidewalk . . . leaving the desired long black skidmark from my wide ‘Cheater Slick’ white letter tire on the rear.  As I fishtail to a halt, I throw my bicycle to the ground. The banana seat goes slightly askew due to a loose bolt that tightens it. I’ll fix that later.

I’m a skinny 9 year old little boy with an avocado green AM transistor radio in my tiny hand. My dark black hair is thick and long. It’s sweaty. It’s in my eyes; yet I don’t care. I wear no shirt, nor shoes; for it’s not required. My blue jean shorts are ripped and frayed. My feet are callused and filthy with dirt. They have assorted cuts and a swollen big toe on my right foot. The blood has dried on it now from stubbing it earlier; running down the sidewalk. No time to go home for a Band-aid and Bactine. No one there anyway.  No one will notice. No one really cares. It does hurt, but I can deal with it. A little pain won’t kill me.

Through a small little white plastic earplug speaker pushed deep in one ear; cord attached to the radio, I’m listening to ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals & Crofts on WPGC top forty station in Washington DC.

Finding a quiet, shady spot in the city can be a bit of a challenge. I spot a patch of tall green grass growing through the cracks and crevasses under the shady concrete overpass. I had been there before. I happened upon it in my travels in the neighborhood amidst the sidewalk, the pavement and the traffic of the concrete jungle. Things like that, a smart nine year old boy remembers..

I put my hands behind my head and I lie back in the angle of concrete with the soft green grass around me. I feel the cool cement on my back. Like I said, “No shirt required.” The slant of the cement allows me to look up at the bottom of the overpass above me. It’s like a cradle of concrete nestled safely under the busy traffic. Like a cocoon. I can hear the rush and I feel the rumble of cars overhead and it’s magical. It feels like having a super power to be underneath all of the cars and trucks running over me and not leaving a scratch. I kinda forgot about my toe now. It stopped throbbing.  I feel no pain. . .  only the warm Summer breeze across my face.   Enjoy your Summer.

Until next month… Keep the rubber side down and stay groovy. Peace. -the Random Prophet. Thoughts? email me at | HashtagWV #101. May 2018

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