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Mtn Scene: Go Hog Wild @ Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve!

To celebrate our 100th issue of Hashtag Lewisburg, we are giving away a boar hunt ($550 value) at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve in Monroe County. Hog hunting is a very exciting and adrenaline pumping activity. But not only is this a blast, wild boar is an excellent type of meat that can be prepared right off the butcher’s block for a delicious, hearty meal that is sure to satisfy everyone at home, including your hound! Read “Feed Me” by our fav. dog trainer, Janine Lazarus, page 7. You can enjoy meat off the hoof all year with special cuts of sausage, slow cooked quarters for barbeque sandwiches, pork chops, ribs, and bacon.

Whether you are experienced or new to the world of hunting, we invite you to participate in this raffle. The winner can book their hunt anytime year-round, 7 days a week. The winner will choose their weapon of choice. The winner will have the option to hunt the trophy hog from a ladder stand, box stand, tree stand, or do a spot and stalk. Mtn. Meadow will offer skinning and quartering, which runs $50 per hog. A local butcher can fully process and vacuum seal the meat for a fee. It’s ready the following morning. No license is required and there are no hidden fees. The winner should bring a regular size cooler for the meat and Mtn. Meadow will provide the ice. To enter to win, find the Lion King’s Pumbaa hidden inside this issue. When you find him, email us at Deadline to enter is Friday, April 27 by midnight.

Founded in 1999, owners Brandon and Cortney White offer big game hunts. The property is filled with trophy whitetail deer, fallow deer, red stag, wild boar, ram, and buffalo. Brandon and Cortney’s goal is to provide hunters with the highest quality big game hunting possible and the business is flourishing. “We continue to be amazed how much this business grows every year.  The first couple of years we only offered bird hunts.  One thing led to another and we began to offer bigger game hunting. We truly owe our growth to all of our wonderful customers, they send us so many referrals,” says Cortney. Mtn. Meadow attracts customers from all around the world. Brandon tells us, “People visit from 23 states as well as Australia, China, England, and Mongolia, just to name a few.”

As a child, Brandon was fascinated with hunting. He was hooked after his first hunt with his father, John White. From that moment, he knew guiding hunts was something he wanted to do for a living. As he grew older, he focused his dreams on building a hunting preserve. Cortney says, “When everyone in high school was busy playing sports, Brandon was spending all of his free time preparing this property for his preserve.” Brandon loves his career choice. He tells us, “I LOVE WHAT I DO! I am fortunate and grateful to operate Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve. It is also where I call home. It is rewarding to have a successful business, give back to the community, and see other local businesses grow or be created through Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve.”

Whether you’re a chef, a grilling connoisseur, an avid hunter, or looking for a new experience this 2018, we invite you to go “trophy” hog wild this April and enter for your chance to win a boar hunt at Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve! Also, stay updated with the preserve’s Wild Boar Jamboree. Held September 28-29, this is a customer favorite as it’s packed with entertainment, food, apparel, souvenirs, etc.  All hunts are sold at a discounted rate, as well. Details for this event can be found on Mtn Meadow’s facebook page @mountainmeadowhunting. During the summer months, Cortney offers an outdoor wedding venue at Mtn Meadow. This is the second year she has offered weddings and there are already 5 weddings booked for the upcoming summer.

For more information, visit They are also on instagram @mountainmeadow_wv.

– HashtagWV #100. April 2018.

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