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March 9-11: Trillium’s From the Ground Up!

Trillium Performing Arts collective has been serving southern West Virginia’s art culture for 35 years. Their latest concert, “From the Ground Up” will be performed on March 9th, 10th and 11th at the Lewis Theatre on N Court St in downtown Lewisburg. The artistic director for this performance is Carli Mareneck and hometown guest choreographer, Faith Levine will perform in this show. She began her dance career as one of Carli’s students and debuted her first solo performance at the age of 8.

Faith’s piece for this concert has turned into a real friend and family affair. The seven-person ensemble includes her mother, Diana Hunt, sister, Yarrow Walters and niece, Zenya Walters. Another family circle completes the group; sisters Leah Sills and Caroline Allingham Buttrill Smith with her husband, Michael Buttrill. Luna Martin, Leah’s niece and a lifelong friend of Zenya’s make it a real family affair.

Michael is a core artist and board member for Trillium. He made these comments about participation in the community project. “It has been great working with my wife, daughter, and sister-in-law in Faith Hunt Levine’s modern dance piece for Trillium.  Doing this has been good for our physical and mental health. “

Regarding her work, guest choreographer, Faith says, “I have been interested in creating a ‘community dance’ in Lewisburg for several years.  A few months ago Trillium came to me with the theme and title of the upcoming concert, “From the Ground Up”. It presented the perfect opportunity to work with a cast of dancers and non-dancers of varying ages around the theme of grassroots rebuilding and community.”

It is a typical and truly charming aspect of Trillium’s offerings throughout the years that non-professionals and performers are included and honored. Faith further commented, “In a beautiful, unintentional, twist of fate, this dance has become a family affair! The process of working with family members has added a closeness and an element of playfulness, directness, and honesty that would be challenging to accomplish with people less familiar with each other.”

Faith also shared, “Our rehearsal process has been quick and intensive, building a dance through improvisation and writing”.

Rebuilding is the theme and the final title of the piece is also still a work in progress. Mark your calendar ( MARCH 9, 10 &11th) and join Trillium’s “From the Ground Up”.

– HashtagWV #99. March 2018.

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