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Groovy Highway: Subliminal Message from the Hills

I was born in Washington DC. Living there practically all of my life, I have heard just about every foreign language on the planet. As I entered adulthood, I’d be lucky to find another English-speaking person some days. Believe me, depending on your day, this really does happen . . . and it’s frustrating as  s**t.  So… I have always prided myself on eloquence and the mastery of English . . . and damn proud of it too.  So, you can see where I may be a little snobbish when it comes to the English language. I have always felt if you want to communicate with the natives indigenous to an area, it’s only right and respectful to learn their language or spoken tongue.

When I first moved here 10 years ago, (Yayyyyy!!! My 10th year anniversary), it was very noticeable to me how different I spoke then the fine West Virginians that grew up here and have lived here all their lives. Not just to me, but to them too. After I spoke to someone from here the first time, I can’t count how many times that they would say, ‘’So, where you from? I can tell you ain’t from around here.” Now, keep in mind,  It isn’t necessarily snobbish on my part, but it can be quite a different language when you think about it. It was really more the local colloquialisms that I find humorous. A simple example is the reference to a soft drink as ‘’pop’’ instead of “soda”. The latter of which I have been accustomed to, although I heard both references before.

The other day I was in the Dollar General store, ( I love Dollar General.) and I heard one of my favorites.  An elderly woman came through the front door and said, “Shucks, I need to grab myself a buggy.” It wasn’t the “Shucks” part that threw me. It is the reference to “Buggy.” To me, a buggy is a horse drawn carriage that Amish people ride in. I’ve always referred to the WV term, “buggy”, as a shopping cart . . . and I still do today. . . . but little did I know, I was slowly, subliminally picking up on a language unbeknownst to me, but it just seems to come natural… and I can tell you this, it definitely comes honestly. Honesty has always worked out just fine for me.

I noticed my first West Virginia word that just came out ‘’all natural-like’’.  I realized this after how easily it seemed to flow from my piehole. It went just like this : “It’s getting dark. Maybe ‘you’d-on-and-ah-wanna-ta-go-to’ the store before it gets too late.’’ … or another new country favorite of my mine, “My stomach hurts. I think I ‘mighten-ah-tah-ate-en’ too fast.’’

New Random Prophet quotes that just seem to come “plumb natural” to me like this one: “You know less than little of what I know a little about.”  . . . and little did I know, which I am just now realizing, I am getting a language lesson of another language that I never even knew existed . . . but, either way, it’s cool.  Here’s another random quote inspired by my relatively new found earthliness. “ A West Virginia drive-by is when you drive by the fast food place ‘cause you ain’t got no money.’’

It’s all just another day on Groovy Highway. I done been educated and I never even knew it was happening.  All in all,  I’ll say this, ‘’I absolutely love it here.’’  Mother Nature is one of the finest ladies that I’ve ever been introduced to. I have made a lot of friends here . . .  and overall, it has been a very productive 10 years for me. Good to know for 2018. Well, I should probably go sleep off this hangover now. So, with that, I bid you,  “Adieu”.  Happy New Year to Everyone . . .  and remember , “Keep the rubber side down and stay groovy”.  Until next month, this is the Random Prophet signing o–   . . . zzzzzzzzzz.

Thoughts? Email me at Hashtag #97. January 2018.

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