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Get to know Marco and Suzie Floyd with Recycled Silverware Art.  This husband/wife duo  recycles old silverware into bracelets, rings, coat racks, and so much more. For 30 years, Marco was a machinist and worked hands on with metals. He tells us it’s something he has always enjoyed. His wife, Suzie, is the talker and helps sell all of his creations. They travel to various craft shows throughout the state and say that together, they make the perfect team. Learn more about Marco and Suzie with our Q&A:

How do you describe your palette?

Our palette is based on recycling. We shop flea markets, yard sales and auctions to get our workings. We use these as a basis for our designs.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I wouldn’t say we do this for any kind of accomplishment. We enjoy the time and interaction with the people we meet as well as the time we get to spend with each other.

Where do you find the silverware? We find silverware everywhere we go. Thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, auctions and storage lockers. We even have people bring us silverware. They say “hey, can you use this, it’s been sitting in by basement or attic forever……

How do you make the spoon rings? The rings are usually made from stainless or silver plate. It’s a little harder to work with but it’s very easy to take care of and we can keep our prices low. Bending can be tricky……You have to find just the right utensil, with the right design. Breaking can be a hazard of using the wrong stuff. Special tooling and a big hammer is what I use, no heating involved.

What is your price range?

Pricing was hard for us in the beginning….Everyone says we don’t charge enough, but we try and keep everything under $20. That way almost everyone can afford that special treat for themselves, or a loved one.

What is your biggest obstacle?

Time is our biggest obstacle…..The creativity just comes natural. When we first started, we were very raw. The more shows we have done and learning from other crafters have given us a lot of pointers.

How do you find your inspiration?

The inspiration comes from watching people walk by our booth, stop, backup, point and laugh. Just to see a smile one someone’s face. We said if we had a dollar for every time someone stopped and pointed we could retire.

What advice do you have for other artists? My advice for other artists……I don’t know that I really have any advice, just do what makes you and others happy. I once made a set of wedding bands for a couple that couldn’t afford rings….There’s no better feeling in our hearts than the joy in their faces.

What is the best way for our readers to find you? Facebook is probably our most reliable source for contacting. Recycled Silverware Art is our page. There you can see what we have made, our upcoming shows, and pricing. Message us or friend request us for more details. You can also email 

– HashtagWV #95. November 2017

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