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Sat, Nov 25: Christmas Tree Giveaway!

Christmas is right around the corner and to celebrate the big occasion we are giving away a fresh cut, 7 ft. Fraser Fir Christmas Tree! This will be Hashtag Lewisburg’s Third Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway and this season, our chosen supplier is Crickmer Farms from Danese, West Virginia. Family owned and operated since 1978, Crickmer Farms’ owners Al and Louise Tolliver are excited to showcase their trees, award winning wreaths, advent wreaths, garland, swags, and center pieces during their 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Sale in Montwell Park on Rt 219 N. (beside Hill and Holler and Country Roads CrossFit) in downtown Lewisburg, from late November 17 until December 20. Hours are Wednesday-Sunday, from 11am-7pm.

Their wreath makers take pride in the quality of their work. This focus on high quality greenery and wreath making expertise has resulted in Crickmer Farms wreaths winning many first place awards at state sponsored forest festivals.

To win the 7ft. Christmas tree, find Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes hidden inside this issue. Tell us where you find him by emailing us at The deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 22. We will announce the winner on Saturday, November 25th by holding a live raffle drawing with Al and Louise in Montwell Park!

Their farm is 70 acres and located about 45 minutes from Lewisburg. They plant huge tracts of land in beautiful Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine, Scotch Pine, Fraser Fir, and Canaan Fir. There are approximately 35 areas planted with a variety of conifers. They plant 1,500 to 2,500 seedlings per year. It may take 8 to 12 years to grow a good-sized tree. But during that time, the tree is taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which helps clean the air.

Most of their trees are Fraser Firs, which of course is named after John Fraser the Scottish botanist who discovered this special tree while exploring the southern Appalachian Mountains in the late 18th century. They are known for their good form and needle retention. Fraser Firs are dark blue-green in color, are turned slightly upward, and their scent screams Christmastime!

In most cities, and hopefully coming soon to Lewisburg, there are programs to pick up the Christmas trees post- holiday, and grind them into mulch. This mulch is spread back onto the land to help grow something else – or more trees. No matter how many years you reuse an artificial tree, someday it will get thrown away and end up in a landfill for the next 1,000 years!

Prior to being at Montwell Park, Al and Louise operated a Christmas Tree retail lot at the Capitol Market in Charleston since 2008. They tell us they are excited to be returning to Lewisburg for a second year. If you would prefer to choose and cut your own tree, take a drive to their farm at 1635 Crickmer Road in Fayette County.

Regardless how you purchase your tree from Crickmer Farms, help them out by taking a photo of your beautiful tree by using the hashtag #crickmerfarms

For more information about Crickmer Farms, visit them at You can call them at 304-484-7661 or email

– HashtagWV #95. November 2017

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