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Bailey’s Pace: Enjoy Your Thanksgiving. by Bailey Pace

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At this point in the season, more leaves decorate the ground than the branches of their trees. November is here and with it are not so subtle reminders of what comes next. In the near future soft white flake will fall from the sky and create hazardous driving conditions. But for now, we can enjoy the final fruits of fall. This includes Thanksgiving shortly followed by Black Friday. And afterwards is the less popular Small-Business Saturday.

But why is that? Thanksgiving from the very first historical record of it, was to celebrate America’s growth by a coming together of communities. So why are Americans choosing to forego a meal of tradition and celebration just to stand in line to spend money. By doing this, we are forcing those stores to require that their employees miss Thanksgiving dinner for their job. Something employers largely have no choice about if they cannot afford to lose the profit of Black Friday.


So this year instead of feeding into a cycle that hurts Americans, contribute to the strengthening of small American businesses. You can do this by eating. Eat a delicious Thanksgiving feast with your loved ones and then sleep in late the next morning. Let everyone else get trampled by the crazed crowds risking their lives for a “deal.” After you have enjoyed your holiday, shop local. Support your neighbor. By doing this you can send a message that in America family time is not to be overshadowed by consumerism.

There is an abundance of local stores in West Virginia. Especially in the centrality of small towns like Lewisburg for example. Downtown Lewisburg is a cornucopia of small businesses. If you want home furnishings and apparel, The Front Porch is the place for you. Patina also has interior décor. They offer vintage furniture and antiques. Bella the Corner Gourmet and Robert’s Antiques & Wine Shop both offer gourmet delicacies. Robert’s Antiques & Wine Shop sells over 600 wine labels. It is the largest wine store in all of West Virginia. Wolf Creek Gallery has a unique selection of fashion forward clothing and accessories, handbags, shoes, and jewelry. There is also the Appalachian Bicycle Company and Edith’s Health Food Store.

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With so many fantastic options, you can get all your Christmas shopping done and support your community while doing it. Don’t miss Lewisburg Holiday Festival on Saturday, Nov 20th! Even if you do not live in Lewisburg, you can still shop locally. West Virginia is a state that believes in hard work. We believe in building a better life for yourself and your family. And we believe in supporting each other. Because of these beliefs, we are a state where local business can succeed and thrive. And that is why Small Business Saturday is such an important day for West Virginia. | See above retailers listed at:

– Bailey Pace. HashtagWV #83. November, 2016

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