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Thunderbird taco lewisburg wv

When you think of organic, local food, images of outdoor farmer’s markets may come to mind. What probably does not come to mind is a Thunderbird. However, in downtown Lewisburg, Thunderbird Taco is exactly where you will find such fresh flavors.

Located at 121 E. Washington Street beside the Wild Bean, bright green walls, lively music, and comfy booths make up a part of Thunderbird Taco’s fun aesthetic. Skateboards illustrated by local artists including Emily Sullivan, Eddie Booze, Craig Miller, and more decorate the walls. Melvin and Margaret Dolan own and operate this new establishment and we sat down for a Q & A to learn more!

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What inspired you to open a taco restaurant?
We really do love tacos! We realized that we eat tacos 4 or 5 times a week-and we have so much fun coming up with new combinations. We want to share that with others-it’s a simple food that is just so good and satisfying.

“Love the homemade corn AND flour tortillas! The fillings I’ve tried so far are super delicious,
can’t wait to work my way through the menu!” – Eileen Klein, via facebook.

Thunderbird Taco Lewisburg WV

How did you come up with the name, Thunderbird Taco?
The thunderbird is present in all cultures. In all the stories they are the
protectors of mankind from the evils of the world. We want to be a comfortable place where anyone can enjoy great food and have a few moments of joy and peace-and a delicious meal. Our travels have influenced a lot of our decor and vibe-from the Southwest and Mexico to the Squamish and Haida art from the northwest.


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On their local food: – “Pasture raised beef from our farm,” what is the name of your farm and where is it?
The farm is in Pence Springs-where we make our home on land that was owned by the first settlers of the area. Our family has lived there since the early 1900’s. The farm doesn’t really have a name but the neighbors refer to it as “Hypesville-population friendly.”

Where do the eggs come from?
We are currently getting our eggs from Phil Wade-delivered weekly from Muddy Creek Mountain.

Which farm from does chicken come from?
Purple Mountain Phoenix Farms in Blue Sulphur-fitting to the Thunderbird theme!

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What are your top 3 favorite items on the menu?
Our specialty is the Thunderbird-jalapenos stuffed with creamy cheese and fruit and nuts. We can’t get enough! The mesquite lime chicken is popular-and the shredded beef showcases the local meat in perfect form.

Fresh house-made tortillas, perfectly prepared local beef and chicken, amazing sides… too many tasty sounding ones to choose from. (The Chipotle Cream Corn was insane!) A great addition to Lewisburg’s already phenomenal dining scene. – Adam DeGraff.

Wild Bean Lewisburg, WV

Why do you open at 4pm every day?
We wanted to provide a casual place for dinner in town-you don’t have to dress up or do anything special just drop in for delicious food or takeout.

Did local folks illustrate the skateboards showcased on the walls?
Yep! We all had fun creating them. Our town is so talented! And there’s more to come-lots of people are still working on new ones.

Thunderbird Taco Lewisburg WVNext time you are craving a fresh Mexican dish and a margarita check out Thunderbird Taco! Follow them on facebook to stay updated with specials and see their menu at Hours are Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm-9pm and Friday-Saturday: 4pm-11pm w/ Happy Hour specials from 9-11pm.

-Bailey Pace, Hashtag #78. June 2016.


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