Judith Avers’ CD Release Party

A cool Fall evening. We traipsed to the Lewis Theatre to support Judith Avers in the release of her latest CD, “God Bless the Brooders”. I looked at the diverse group of fans, friends, and collaborators, there in the theatre where she had married her true love Frances, not so long ago, and was reminded […]

Bridge Day on New River Gorge, Oct. 20th.

Ever since the construction began on the New River Gorge Bridge in 1973, millions of onlookers and curious types have been drawn to this massive 3,030’ span that physically dominates the region. Located just outside of Fayetteville, WV, the 876’ high bridge is the second highest bridge in the US. This span over the New […]

Toot, Oct 13th in Downtown Lewisburg

If you want the best of food & drink, you’ll find it at the 28th Annual Taste of our Town (TOOT), Saturday, October 13th, in downtown Lewisburg. The streets will be packed with thousands of people, 2 wineries, 3 breweries, a variety of musicians and performers, and about 36 food vendors. This event is massive […]

Kids grow fast. Buy Gently Worn Brand Name Kids’ Clothes at The Darling Exchange.

Have you heard about The Darling Exchange?! It’s Lewisburg’s cutest boutique for children. Open since March 20th ‘12, this attractive shop offers our community with barely worn brand name children’s clothing at very reasonable prices. You’ll find boys/girls clothing and trendy gifts and accessories, including locally handcrafted fabric flower headbands. Located on Lafayette Street in […]

Wisdom From The Woods: Life Lessons Learned from Being Around Family

Wisdom from the Woods–Life lessons learned from being around family Family is why we leave… why we stay… and why we come back. In an election year, there is occasional debate about the term family values. I don’t know what that expression means from a political standpoint. I do, however, know what it means to […]

Wisdom From The Woods: Life Lessons Learned from Being around Me

Wisdom from the Woods–Life lessons learned from being around me Consistent truth, to me, is credibility. So before I share wisdom, I must share truth. For reasons known to them, my parents left my twin brother and I when we were seven years old. We were raised by my grandparents, my grandma mostly, and that’s […]


Have you heard that there is going to be a bacon shortage? Anything that prevents me from getting my hands on some delicious, salty bacon is really more of a crisis than a shortage, if you ask me. The official story is that droughts have caused poor harvests of feed crops, and pig herds have […]


My dog has decided all at once to become well-behaved, and it’s making me nervous. I adopted Monty from a shelter almost a year ago, and he has been making me crazy nearly the entire time. From messing in the house and eating kitty litter to performing parkour-style acrobatics off of the furniture, it’s been […]

Roadkill Cook-off in WV

Rack of raccoon, smear of deer, and a side dish of awesome possum doesn’t necessarily sound like your normal, common table fair provided at a nationally recognized event, but that’s exactly what you can expect at this year’s annual Roadkill Cook-off in Marlinton, WV. Certainly not a black tie affair, the cook-off features local grill […]

ANTIOQUIA Live at the Wild Bean

As anyone who knows me knows, The Wild Bean is my home away from home, my respite in the face of power outages (sorry for my despicable behavior during the derecho; I had been driven mad by the silence!), my morning revival from a wretched dearth of caffeine, feeding my dependency with the always delightful […]

Toot is Oct 13th..

Toot is just 10 days away. We’ll have your full LIST of FOOD, DRINKS, & ENTERTAINMENT. Pick up your copy of LBSPY this Monday, out on stands everywhere. Carnegie Hall’s BIERGARTEN incl. 3 BREWERIES!!! We are looking forward to Bridge Brew Works’ Oktoberfest Seasonal Brew.