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Celebrate National Wine Day At The Village Wine Shop!

Wednesday, May 25 is National Wine Day – the most unnecessary holiday known to humankind…

Why do we need National Wine Day? Since when do we need a holiday to crack open a bottle of wine? Well, the short answer is we don’t. But since today is, in fact, National Wine Day, it seems kind of silly to not celebrate the occasion. 

Now in order to celebrate properly, we’ll first need to start with a good bottle of wine – and for that, we turn to Annie Slonaker at The Village Wine Shop in White Sulphur Springs.

“We’re much more than a wine shop,” Annie shared with us. “We carry lots of local things – vinegars, flowers, grits, jams, jellies, apple butters, maple syrup and local-eggs from KLM Farm.”

Since September 2020, The Village Wine Shop has been the gourmet-shop of choice for wine enthusiasts from all over the Greenbrier Valley, and beyond. 

“We currently sell Ariston extra virgin olive oils, and the world’s most delicious balsamic vinegar,” Annie added.

The Village Wine Shop also carries infused oils, salts, craft beers, wine glasses and accessories, Murray’s Fine Cheeses and Meats, and Firefly Farms goat cheeses. 

But when it comes to the star of the show, Annie tells us that they carry “an eclectic, hand-picked selection of wines from all around the globe. There’s something here for everyone.” 

“We have lots of beautiful high-end wines,” Annie continued, “Including our own private library. And we also have a hand-picked $20-and-under rack.”

The Village Wine Shop practices boutique-style, hands-on selling to ensure that each of their customers know exactly what they are buying before leaving the store. 

“Customers will often see the price of a bottle of wine and wonder if they will like it,” Annie explained. “We make sure that we educate and enlighten everyone who comes in. Wine should not be intimidating – so we try to take a lot of that fear out of it. We find exactly what it is that you want to taste.”

“The most popular wine that we sell is the Cipriani Bellini, from Harry’s bar in Venice, Italy,” Annie noted. “That’s what we sell a lot of – by the case!”

Annie also told us that wine sales vary from season to season, and she anticipates the sale of white wines to increase heading into the summer months. 

“Tastings happen usually every Saturday,” Annie added, before sharing with us her personal favorite wine in the store. 

“If I could pick one, it would be Saldo,” Annie said, laughing slightly.“This is made by the Prisoner Wine Company, and this is a red blend. I get goose bumps!” 

In addition to their impressive selection of available in-store wines, The Village Wine Shop also works with a large network of distributors, allowing them access to nearly every wine currently on the market.

“I have a wish book, and I play Santa Claus,” Annie said, through another chuckle. “I find people the wine that they want.”

Located at 713 Main Street East in White Sulphur Springs, The Village Wine Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. However, weekend and after hours service is available by appointment. Delivery within 10 miles is available for purchases over $50. For additional information, or to schedule an after hours appointment, contact The Village Wine Shop at 304-536-0013, or visit

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