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Happy 100th Day of 2022!

Today is Sunday, April 10, and it is the 100th day of 2022 anno Domini. (That’s “in the year of the Lord” for those of you who don’t speak Latin.) So how’s it going so far? Is everything coming up heads, or are you looking for the reset button? 

If you’re like most people, your New Year’s resolutions fizzled out by Martin Luther King Day. You probably didn’t lose the five pounds. You probably didn’t start writing your novel. Maybe you quit smoking, but you probably haven’t gotten around to calling your grandmother more often. So here you are – another year going by too fast – and we all feel like we’re stuck standing still. 

Well, the good news is that there’s still 265 days left. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And no, it wasn’t built in 100 days, either. But 265 days, well, you can build a whole lot in 265-days. And if you don’t believe me, here’s some incredible things that have been accomplished in 265 days or less…

The Beatles recorded Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band in just 50 days.

  • Stephanie Meyer wrote “Twilight” in three months. Personally I think that book is awful. But the series sold like 791-trillion copies, and they made something like 63 movies about it, so clearly I’m stupid. 
  • The Beatles recorded “The White Album” in 81 days, and they recorded “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in just 50 days. 
  • The original “Friday the 13th” was filmed in less than a month. The movie went from being just a title without a story, to Taso Stravrakis blowing red goo into Kevin Bacon’s mouth, to a headless, hairy-knuckled Betsy Palmer in less days than there are left in this year. 
  • It took thirteen-and-a-half months to build the Empire State Building. I understand that’s more than 265 days, but it was like 100-years ago. I’m pretty sure we can do stuff faster now. But even if we can’t, that’s still like two-thirds of the building that could be built by the end of the year. 

You could literally write a book, record two albums and film a horror movie with the time you have left in 2022. Or, if you aren’t feeling artistic, you could build two-thirds of a skyscraper. 

So basically what I’m saying is you have plenty of time to call your grandmother and wish her a happy 100th day of 2022. 

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Matthew Young has been a resident of Lewisburg, WV since December 2019. Prior to arriving in West Virginia, Matthew resided in the Philadelphia area, where his reporting, commentary, and editorials have been featured in numerous local and regional publications. Previously, he has served as a scriptwriter and consultant for television, radio, and various other short-form digital-media platforms, both within the United States and internationally. Since moving to the Mountain State, Matthew spent eighteen months as senior writer/managing editor for the West Virginia Daily News and is currently an active journalist with the West Virginia Press Association.