Saturday, Oct 23: Grass for the Masses at Bluefield Arts Center!

Steeped in the bluegrass tradition of the Carolina Foothills, Massive Grass is well-known to deliver a rock twist making for a truly unique sound that is guaranteed to keep your feet tapping and head rocking. On Saturday, October 23rd, from 7p-10p, don’t miss their show at the Bluefield Arts Center where they will bring their own […]

My Dog & I: A Good Dog.

And it means something different to everyone… “My dog can sit nicely” “My dog comes back whenever I call him” “My dog is the best snuggler” “My dog can leap out of helicopters, chase bad guys, search for a missing child or put up with endless amounts of kid torture without losing his cool”. There […]

Guns & Cornbread: An Essential in Life, a Good .22 Rifle

Just as sure as the sun came up this morning, you need a good .22 rifle. Now friends and neighbors, you should know that I feel this is a statement of fact and not really open to debate. There has got to be some consistency in the universe to hold things together and this is […]