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Friday, Dec 20: The VPOC Holiday Thang w/ The Yetti @ Wild Bean

It is the year 2020 and a giant meteor has set its fiery sights on planet Earth.  Its intention is to press the reset button on civilization. Some people run and seek shelter, others passively accept their fate and take what time they have left to reflect on the great things that our species has accomplished during our stay. The wheel. The Mona Lisa. Jazz. Every version of the Lion King. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Vern’s Pot O’ Chili and The Yetti. As the giant flaming rock approaches Earth’s surface at 25,000 miles per hour, the last words uttered by any human are the infamous Yetti lyrics, “It’s deep and dark at the bottom.” Boom.

That’s right folks, humanity is doomed. So let’s party! On December 20th of 2019, On Friday, December 20 around 8pm, The Wild Bean will open its hallowed halls to host the tour de force that is The Vern’s Pot O’ Chili and The Yetti Holiday Thang. These two bands both formed in Huntington, West Virginia in 2001 and have played dozens of shows together over the years leaving big salty tears of joy and worn out shoe soles in their wake. So strap on your best goulashes and your finest festive attire and come join the celebration.

Vern’s Pot O’ Chili started off as a 3 piece garage band in the spring of 2001. Over the years, a few more key ingredients have been added to form what is now one of West Virginia’s most celebrated musical acts. This 9 piece reggae, funk and rock(ish) ensemble will make you laugh, cry, jump around and dance until you’re dizzy.

The Yetti formed in 2001 as a four-piece funk rock band and have kept it that way going on 19 years. Pound for pound one of the most solid acts to come out of the dub-vee, these heavy hitters will whip you into a frenzy and keep you smiling with their one of a kind on-stage banter.

Advance tickets are available at The Wild Bean or at thewildbrew.com. The Wild Bean is located at 1056 Washington St. E. Lewisburg, WV.

– HashtagWV #120. December 2019.

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