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No Small Task: From Los Angeles to Lewisburg

Meet Sibel Mallory, owner/operator of Cybele Boutique in downtown Lewisburg. Sibel moved to Lewisburg from Los Angeles in May 2019 and immediately opened her store on N. Court Street, near the Greenbrier Valley Visitor’s Center and Corn + Flour. She sells all sorts of accessories and beautiful little garments, hand-painted scarves and shawls, and heirloom pieces. She also has lovely handmade silk and felt wraps which Sibel says have been very popular among the beautiful women in the area. She describes her products as delicate, precious, conversation pieces. They are heirloom. Sibel says, “All of them are like my little babies.” All items are handcrafted by her or other artisans.

This boutique is Sibel’s third store. She used to own two stores in L.A. One specialized in trendy and daily accessories and the other was exclusively authentic with handmade garments and accessories. It was no easy task for Sibel as she became extremely tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. She spent the last year in L.A. sitting at her desk starting at beautiful homes and towns surrounded by greenery and nature. Sibel tells us there was an energy that pulled her toward West Virginia and goes onto say “I don’t daydream forever.” She immediately sold her store, packed all her valuable items, and drove cross country for her peaceful and green life.

Sibel says she learned her craft from her family. Her sisters and mother all loved handmade garments and one of a kind, heirloom pieces. She says, “Where I grew up, we had the most mystical bazaars of the Orient. I grew up among them, learned tons of handcrafts. Years later, I saw some of those pieces in America, in really expensive stores with unbelievable price tags. True, some of those items are priceless but I know how to purchase or make them with affordable prices here.”

Since moving to Lewisburg, Sibel is happy to announce that the local response to her boutique has been “AMAZING!” She has met and is still meeting delightful folks from all over the place. “You know what they say about L.A.? I believe it was Frank Lloyd Wright, and I quote: ‘Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.’ Lewisburg feels like comfy socks and flannel pajamas, hot chocolate and good friends. Lewisburg is home thanks to its amazing people.”

Visit Sibel at her boutique located at 850 N. Court St in Lewisburg. She is always open to everyone who want to learn about the crafts, gaze through pieces, and/or share coffee or sip some wine.

– HashtagWV #119. November 2019.

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