Grandpa Larry’s Concern for the Planet.

Stretching all the away around the world just below the Arctic Circle there is a large boreal forest. It’s been called the Amazon of the North, and the earth’s green crown. It is the largest intact old-growth forest on the planet. Canada alone contains one billion acres from Newfoundland to the Yukon Territory. Three billion […]

In the Spirit: A World of Wine Undiscovered.

A recent trip to South Africa was part of my own discovery in the world of wine.  While I have tasted many of the wines from country, nothing compares to the experience of getting the lay of the land, meeting the people, tasting the food and of course the wine.  These experiences help so much […]

My Dog & I: Respect. What Does it Mean to Me?

When I think of the word respect I associate it with words like “honor”, “trust”, “consideration” and yes, “obedience”. For me, the foundation of all my work must be based on these considerations and will not be successful or fulfilling without it. In my relationship with my dogs, there are many elements and emotions but […]

Future Doc: Food for Thought

Americans consume 49% of global pharmaceutical production. America spends nearly double the amount (about $10k per capita) on health care than other similar populations. Americans rank 37th out of 40 nations in their overall quality of health. West Virginians are the most highly medicated in America. Every 30 seconds someone dies of cardiovascular disease in […]

WV Artist on Display: Creating Beauty from Chaos.

This month’s artist on display is Wendy Reagor. She shares Studio 3 with her husband Craig at Lee Street Studios in Lewisburg. Wendy considers this time in her life to be an ongoing art quest. She enjoys learning new techniques, making a mess, and rising again with a new body of artwork. Wendy specializes in […]

No Small Task: From The Fort to The Shop

David Walton always wanted to open a service and repair shop. All his life, he’s enjoyed working on engines or just fixing things in general. Most recently, David opened The Shop, an automotive repair shop in Ronceverte. You may know David from the Fort Savanah where from 2003-2009, he happily served us drinks from behind […]

The M.F.B. Brings Intense Funk to Watoga Art in the Park!

On Saturday afternoon, August 31, from 2-5pm, The M.F.B. will be funkin’ up Watoga State Park during Watoga Art in the Park in Marlinton, Pocahontas County. Over the last seven years, this popular band out of Charleston has laid waste to the music landscape with contagious grooves and an over-the-top stage show that has left […]

Justin Wells Stirs up Quite the Storm.

Justin Wells soaks every syllable with soul-moving conviction. His work, namely his 2016 solo debut, Dawn in the Distance, is appropriately steeped in the stone cold classics — a little bit George Jones and Waylon Jennings, and a whole lotta rock ‘n roll. Even so early in his career, Wells plants his feet as a […]

Mtn Music Trail: Take Time Off & Enjoy Live Music

Saturday, August 17 is Mountain Music Trail Day at the State Fair of West Virginia, when three tradition-based bands perform at on the Sprint Free Stage. Fair Manager Kelly Collins has invited us to book this special day for the last several years, and we appreciate her support. Kicking things off at the 11am show […]