Guns and Cornbread: Requiem for a Gobbler Season

Knowing it was coming didn’t ease the pain any. He had been awake at least thirty minutes before the alarm jolted the house. He didn’t really mind, the house seemed too quiet most of the time anyway. It felt like a place that needed a jolt, as if something had to give, somebody needed to […]

WV Artist on Display: Local Farmer Florist has Dirty Hands, Clean Heart

Growing flowers and arranging bouquets is a way of life for local small business owner Alaina Hower. She is the face of True Heart Flower Farm, a small incubator farm at the Sprouting Farms location in Talcott and is also currently moonlighting as a designer at Greenbrier Cut Flowers in Fairlea. Hower creates unique pieces […]

My Dog and I: Best Dog Ever…

A couple of years ago, I adopted an East German German Shepherd named ANA. She had been a student of mine and because of her high prey drive and intense personality, had become an inappropriate match for her owners “pack”. German Shepherds are complicated and sensitive dogs generally and this particular branch of that Family […]

In the Spirit: Sippin’ into Summer.

Finally, Spring has sprung and Summer is right around the corner!  Getting in the spirit can be a lot of fun this time of year and a lot easier to do.  Whether it be a Mother’s Day Mimosa or a Memorial Day Weekend ice-cold brew, there is always something refreshing and exciting to be had. […]

Future Doc: Don’t be so Reactive, Dear!

“Allergy Season” is in full swing this spring. Many suffer from mild to severe reactions to allergens. Allergens trigger our immune response. Allergens may be known or unknown, natural or unnatural. Those who suffer the most have an immune response that is so overreactive that it responds inappropriately and disproportionately to the offending allergen. A […]