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Groovy Highway: If you Eat a Smartie and a Dum Dum, Do they Cancel Out Each Other?

Hi, Friends, and welcome to Groovy Highway. I can be consistent and methodical when I want to, but random is what I do best. So, true to form, this month’s column is devoted to totally random things; one not necessarily having to do with the other. There is a possibility that they just might. . . and that in itself would be random. It wasn’t planned that way . . . and now, without further ado, on with the random.

* I love to laugh, but I find I laugh a lot more often when I’m high.

* I keep Rock Star hours . . . with one great exception . . . without the fame and fortune.

* I am a spiritual person, but not the most religious. Keep that in mind for the next random thought. I was in Shoney’s Restaurant in Lewisburg, WV on Sunday morning and as I was heading to my table, I noticed a lady sitting alone in a booth. She was looking down as though she was praying before her meal. It was a beautiful image. Then, the thought crossed my mind; she’s probably just on a cell phone. I, myself, started to pray that it wasn’t a cell phone because it would ruin the sentiment and the good feeling that it gave me inside. I guess that’s the spiritual part of me that I was feeling. Anyway, as I passed her table it was just as I had suspected. She was texting on a cell phone. It was at that point that I realized how much I really hated cell phones. I detest cell phones. I believe they are more harm than good. They really take away from the humanity of people. Seemingly unable to separate ourselves, we have become cyborg-like when we connect ourselves to cell phones. Like I said before, I’m not even religious, but If I’m hoping somebody is praying rather than texting, it’s gotten pretty bad. . . . and WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLISTS. Our lives matter too.

* In the US Capitol, I’ve heard congressmen say that the reason they can’t come to an agreement is because they are standing on principle. That’s all well and good, but while they stand on principle, a large number of good American people are standing in the unemployment line. I’d bet if you put those fine people in the Capitol, they would come to agreements and make decisions for the greater good of all people, and a lot faster too. What are these congressmen waiting for? Are they just biding time until they can retire while the American people suffer? Who elects these guys, anyway?

* What if the eclipse was just a scary preview of what’s ahead?

* I’m in my second childhood and it will remain that way the rest of my life. I will never grow up because I’m an adult now and I say so. . . and of course, I must listen because I’m a child; therefore, I never have to grow up again.

* I’m really not a numbers guy, but I was thinking 54 is 3×18. I am 54. . . So, if I wish I was 18 again; I guess I am. Only, this is the 3rd time. I am going to enjoy 54 that much more now. I wonder if I’ll get carded?

* I am on a roll right now. . . . a freakin’ WV pepperoni roll. And I AM ON IT.

* I wonder how many kids today know what rabbit ears are?

* Only a poor man knows what it’s like to reuse a paper plate. . . .

* Always remember. If you smell smoke, stop drop and roll . . . on over to my house. Because there’s probably a party going on there.

* Marijuana does not alter the mind from your natural way of thinking. It just expands the personal creativity and intellect that you already possess.

* I may be crazy, but at the end of the day I just want to be happy. Is that so crazy?

* You don’t choose your style. Your style chooses you. Style comes from the inside. Style comes from the heart.

* There’s an old saying, “If you give someone enough rope, they will hang themselves”. To me, that’s always been a very pessimistic quote. It only leaves you one option. My thought and quote just expounds upon that and gives you choices. “If given enough rope, whether you hang yourself or perform rope tricks is entirely up to you.”

* One that cannot see the beauty in music is not only deaf, but blind too.

* Have you ever thought if you eat a Smartie and a Dum-Dum, would they cancel out each other? . . . and on that note I am outta here. Until next month, Keep the rubber side down and stay groovy.

Peace – the Random Prophet. Thoughts? HashtagWV #93. September 2017.

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