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I am back. . . yet, I never really left. You might know me as HashtagWV, or Hashtag Lewisburg but I am still, and always will be, The Lewisburg Spy. Just call me, “The Spy”, for short. I am not the only spy in Lewisburg, though. All of you are spies, as well. There’s a little bit of spy in all of us; dontcha think? So, with that said, this column is to be all about the goings-on and happenings in our little town of Lewisburg and the surrounding areas. With your help, I can spy on more things at once than just working by myself. We are the eyes and ears of this community. No gossip or hateful talk. Just fun and good times . . . Also, check here for local merchant goods, services and deals that I spy along my travels about town each month.

The West Virginia State Fair is upon us again. I will be there, but I will need plenty of spies to report their findings to me to get the big picture. I will print what is interesting and entertaining news for the readers. Follow this column and you just might find your personal experience here. I would like to give a shout-out to the Little General and Go-Mart on Rt 219 ( Seneca Trail ) Lewisburg for consistently having the lowest gas prices in town. Fill up there today to thank them.

I was in Unique Boutique the other day, and among many wonderful things they have, I spied a dashiki. Beautiful garment at a very good price. Last month’s Black King Coal performance at the Irish Pub was outstanding. Rhythm and blues music. Lead singer, Allan Sizemore played guitar and sang while playing a foot operated drum set and accompaniment from a saxophone player. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was awesome. The Irish mustard was outtasight. Really good crowd. Really good people. Lots of fun. You should check out Black King Coal if they’re playing in the area. You’ll be glad you did. If they’re playing in the region, this is the paper to read. You’ll find it here.

Carlito’s would get 5 if the rating system was that high. The Spy ate there for Cinco De Mayo and it was packed. STILL . . Excellent food. Great service. Every time. They are truly dedicated to Mexican tradition and the art of fine Mexican cuisine.

Taco Bell after hours drive thru gets four stars. Excellent service. Good communication. Hardee’s late-night drive-through gets two stars. The thing is, the Spy waited for quite a few minutes and finally decided to leave after no acknowledgment from the employees on the inside. The lights were on and somebody was home. They just weren’t answering the drive-thru door. Oh well.

See you next month. Contact me at HashtagWV #92. August 2017.

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HASHTAGWV ART & ENTERTAINMENT Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Christina Entenmann-Edwards has been a WV resident since September 2008. She was born and raised in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and is no stranger to hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 2006, she graduated from Quinnipiac University (Hamden, Connecticut), Cum Laude, with a B.A. in History. In 2010, she graduated with an M.B.A. from Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia). In February 2012, Christina launched HashtagWV as the area’s first full-color, free arts and entertainment tabloid + online platform. Christina completed the Leadership West Virginia class of 2021, which is an innovative program that grows, engages, and mobilizes leaders to ignite a life passion to move West Virginia forward.