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Hello again, my Friends. Welcome to Groovy Highway with the Random Prophet. Remember, if it’s groovy, I’ll cover it. If it’s random, I’ll think of it. . . . and always keep in mind, I am an artist and musician, not a politician or magician. . . . which means very simply; there will be no lies or double-talk and no tricks up my sleeve. ‘’What you see, is what you get. What you get, is up to you.’’ Now on with the crackers . . .

(Photo above by @princessofcalabasas)

Some animal crackers are magic. They hold magical healing powers. Read on and I will prove this to you.

The other day I bought some animal crackers for my own consumption; not to heal the sick. Not ALL animal crackers are magic. . . . So I bought the bargain ones in the bag. I bought both, the ‘’iced’’ and the original kind. As I was eating them, I noticed that all of the “iced’’ ones seemed to be mis-shapen. . . a lot of them were deformed to the degree that you could not distinguish which animal you were eating. The original Animal Crackers stood steadfast and tall. They all had good, crisp, clean, well defined lines. Then it hit me. I realized the real reason for putting icing on them in the first place. After all, they were excellent the way they are. Why try to improve on perfection? The real reason? They were able to use the reject animals that didn’t make it through the assembly line looking pristine and presentable to the consumer. I guess; ones that never would have made it on the ark, either. Pretty smart thinkin’ , huh? . . . Not necessarily on my part, but on the cookie company’s . . . and with all that said . . . There will be no cookie before it’s time . . . and no cookie shall go to waste. . . and NOW, what you’ve all been waiting for. ‘The Mysterious Magical Animal Cracker’ There is only one kind. This special cracker has to arrive at it’s destination in the little red circus railway boxcar. The one with the animals on it. The one that comes with the convenient string carrying handle. Regardless of age or illness, they WILL heal the sick. Small child or the elderly, they always make people feel better when they’re sick or down. NO other animal cracker will work for healing the sick, though. If you don’t believe me, the next time you know someone that’s sick, bring them the little red box of animal crackers. As soon as they see that little box, watch their face light up with a smile. They will start feeling better all of the sudden. . . Never fails. Until next month, keep the rubber side down and stay groovy. Peace – the Random Prophet. Thoughts?

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