Wisdom From the Woods: A Wonderful Activity.

A wonderful activity I’m wild about in West Virginia is rafting on the New River. If you haven’t done it, do it. If you’ve done it, you’ll definitely do it again. Theme parks spend millions trying to outdo what God has given us to enjoy in West Virginia. “Almost Heaven” is far more thrilling and […]

Groovy Highway: Take the Country Boy Outta the City? Huh??

They say, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” I believe this to be true, but I also believe the same thing applies to the city boy. I was born and raised in Washington DC. A typical city boy. I thought I had […]

In the Spirit: Knowing your ABC’s When it Comes to Chardonnay

The American wine drinker has for some time now had a Love/Hate relationship with Chardonnay. On the one hand, it was our “gateway drug” to what used to be considered “exotic” grape varietals from Europe. In fact, it was our first love affair with a white French grape that made it easier for us to […]

Pseudo News: Grandpa Larry’s Helpful Hints for Bachelors

Of course, it would seem the first advice a man with seven children and twelve grandchildren would give to a bachelor is to go out and find yourself a wife. But I am sitting here imagining the hundreds of times in the coming decades that my friendly readers might be out in the yard yelling, […]

My Dog & I: At The Vet.

Well, I was standing in the vets office this morning, trying to figure out what to write about this month, when the obvious hit me!! It is so interesting to think about how full of complex interactions this visit can be!! In most eventualities, the trip to the vet is simply routine; shots, tick meds, a nail-trim…no […]

Future Doc: Game of Bones. Episode 3

POSTURE – What it actually is and what it means to you. When asked, most people regard posture as something that they actively and consciously need to be aware of in order to improve or correct. Actually, POSTURE refers to the position in which our body naturally falls into when in our upright position INDEPENDENT […]