January is a nice time to reflect on the past and this month we are celebrating our West Virginia artists on display from 2016. In the last 12 months, we featured photographers, sculptors, painters, jewelry makers, illustrators, a clay artist, a graphic designer, and a hat maker! We kicked off 2016 with an article titled […]

Mtn Music Trail: Edden Hammons, Legendary Fiddler.

Happy New Year! This month we’ll take a look at one of the musical ancestors of today’s popular string band musicians. Old Time music in the modern day is usually a group activity, with bands combining the sounds of banjo, fiddle, guitar and other instruments, but much of its origin was the product of individual […]

My Dog & I: Wait!

This my favorite and most useful command after “come”…  Because we humans need time to process our thoughts before action (some longer than others), it is essential to be able to ask your flying, supercharged or even simply clumsy dog partner to pause for a moment while we put our brains in gear.. I have […]


The New Year brings an array of warm feelings filled with fresh starts and personal aspirations. Spend some of that refreshing burst of energy on exploring different grape varietals with friends and family.  Let’s take a look at some wines that are great for food-pairing and will make you look like a professional host! When […]

Thur. Jan 26: Yosvany Terry Sextet at Carnegie

Usually when I’m writing the January column for HASHTAG LEWISBURG, I’m windblown and wild, clawing my way from the edge of some kind of cold blue polar vortex to type my words, but today, writing this on the Solstice, this is not so. Mother Nature’s magical glittering hoarfrost of yesterday morning has gently transmuted into […]

Pseudo News: Mind-Boggling News for the New Year.

Want your mind boggled? Here’s a little information I picked up along the way to 2017. In your body there are around a hundred trillion cells. Inside each cell there are over twenty compartments separated by membrane walls, like the rooms in your home. Each room has a specific function. There are rooms for the […]

Bailey’s Pace: Restoring Elk to Southern West Virginia

You may not know that West Virginia is bringing in elk. But what does that mean for our state? According to state wildlife officials, they have reached an agreement with officials at Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes Elk and Bison Prairie to bring as many as 150 elk to the Mountain State by 2019. Paul […]

Valley Grown: Freshly Prepared Meals at Erica’s Kitchen.

The availability of fresh local foods is a huge benefit to living in the Greenbrier Valley. For Lewisburg entrepreneur Erica Bell, it is one of the keys to her success in culinary arts. Two months ago, Erica threw caution to the wind and left her 8 to 5 job to pursue a career bringing her […]

Mtn Scene: Hit the Slopes w/ Ski Barn at Snowshoe Mountain!

Yes! It’s time to hit the slopes at Snowshoe Mountain Resort! Opening day arrived right on time during Thanksgiving week and The Ski Barn and SnowCreek Mountain Sports have been busy gearing up their customers for mountain fun. They are eager to maintain a strong ski and snowboard season while accommodating all your equipment needs. […]

Winter is the Perfect Time at GV Beer!

Head over to Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company for free movie nights, and 1st Saturday concert series. On February 4th, Susanna Robinson-Kenga Trio will grace the stage at the brewery with a smooth jazz standards. For more info, visit GVBeer.com.

January at the Sweet Shoppe!

The Sweet Shoppe is full of events all month of January! Also, check them out during the WV Winter Music Fest, slated for Saturday, January 28th! Click here for more info!