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Recently we’ve seen the world stage for top athletes at the 2016 Brazilian Olympics. Most competitors recognize that their most significant challenge lies not so much in winning against or besting the other, but more in maximizing their own physical and mental potentials. It has become more widely accepted and practiced that one’s thinking and beliefs may serve to limit their potential or can on the other hand, unleash their performances toward the highest possible levels. In other words, what can be conceived and believed can be achieved. Thought and belief supercede and “beget” the physical changes that are necessary to unlock ones potential.

Having said the above, I’m going to move away from thought and belief toward the more physical plane. In the evolution of the Future Doc Practice at Greenbrier Chiropractic Center, it has become more evident that the effectiveness of any treatment depends ultimately upon that treatments capacity to improve communication. Just as communication is the great solvent in interpersonal relationships, it is also the key to improved health and maximizing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual potentials. I’m not merely referring to the communication between Doctor/staff and patient/client……but also the communication that exists within, through, and around the body. Any interference in any of the many communication points and/or pathways moves us away from our highest potential towards the suboptimal, symptoms, illness, disease and eventually death.

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The primary goal of Chiropractic care is not only to reduce pain, but to detect and correct interference within the nervous system, the body’s primary communication and control system. The primary goal of Acupuncture is to balance the flow of energy (a form of communication) around and through the body. The primary goal of Nutritional Response Testing is to discover dysfunctional systems and to detect burdens or stressors that are weakening those systems. Most significantly, that which disrupts endocrine/hormonal glands and organs…..which are essentially biochemical communication systems. And more recently introduced to the Future Doc Practice, the “amazing molecules” found within the ASEA line of products, are signaling molecules (molecules of communication) at the most basic level….the cell.

So, if one is to truly be at their best they first must conceive of that possibility. On the physical level the effort is not only toward resolving pain and dysfunction, but to enhance the body’s communication systems. These same systems monitor, control, and ultimately determine the function of the musculoskeletal system. If one conceives to reach their potential as an athlete, performer, ect….they would do well to discover any suboptimal body communication and what then can be done to correct or enhance it.

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Join me on Tuesday, August 30th for a free seminar at Country Roads Crossfit discussing unlocking your potential! Seminar starts at 6:30pm. We will be serving complimentary Hors d’Ouevres and refreshments. Country Roads Crossfit is located at 204 1/2 N. Jefferson Street in Montwell Park, Lewisburg,WV. Please RSVP at 304-645-6080.

– Tim Pence, Hashtag #80. August 2016

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