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Diana Hunt Grace Under Fire Pottery Productions

A clay artist has a number of choices to identify and define her palette. First there is the medium. Clay of course but what color, texture and utility appeal the most. Get to know Diana Hunt. She has maintained a studio and sold pottery in the Greenbrier Valley for over 30 years. Through raising 5 children, teaching pottery and maintaining a profession in the fitness field she has always made pots. Now with an empty nest and a new studio she is ready to fulfill her heart’s desire and devote herself to clay. We asked Diana to describe her palette in the work of clay and how what inspires her to keep creating. Q&A:

Describe your palette:
I have mainly worked Stoneware in browns, reds, whites and even almost black. My most frequent color choices have been earth tones but I have also included stunning shiny Raku colors and low fire brights and pastels at times.

Diana Hunt Grace Under Fire Pottery Productions

Tell us about your latest project:
I am currently working with an almost black clay with commercial dinner safe glazes and firing to a mid range stoneware. Making art is all about making choices.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
It would be every time I get in my studio and open a bag of clay and get back to work after a hiatus.

Shoneys Lewisburg WV

How do you find your creative muse?
My muse hides until I have messed up a few things (happy accidents), lost a few tools and swear I’m taking up basket weaving. Sometimes I draw and plan ahead and sometimes I might just outright steal an idea and make it my own. Feminine power and nature and symbols drive my muse to the final destination. I have no advice for other artists. Often I am full of advice on many topics. Making art is so personal and mostly so solitary I may even think it is counter productive and distracting to let others look over your shoulder there. Just “do it”. Whatever else comes from my studio time a major intention of mine is to “get in the ZONE” and you either do or you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Diana Hunt Grace Under Fire Pottery Productions

How can our readers find you?
You can find me on facebook at Grace Under Fire Pottery Productions. Please message me. I look forward to hearing from you!

-Hashtag #78. June 2016

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