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my dog and i by janine lazarus

So I am in the Dog Cabin, decorating – yes my Dog Cabin is my extended home! When a large hornet decided to join me… And I am shooing him out, waving my arms and “reasoning” with him…”No, Mr. Hornet, this is not a good place for you…You need to find another place to make your nest, please…” When I realize how ridiculous this must look .

Of course, the Hornet is driven by his genetic disposition and I am simply an annoying obstacle in his way…He has no idea his life is in peril and I have no intention of allowing him to take up residence in my Dog Cabin. And there another little epiphany happens.

Stellas Lewisburg WV

I move my arms slowly in front of him and then SHUT THE DOOR!! Wow! OK that was my solution to the Hornet issue. Simply accepting that he would never understand my reasons and moving forward to shape my world to my liking…

It occurs to me that “training” your dog should sometimes be more about understanding the nature of the animal, putting your request in simple terms and then creating an environment in which you both can flourish. Most of my work with dogs involves reading the potential of the guy I am working with and then coming to a compromise so that we are both happy. At the same time, you may let yourself off the guilt hook by also accepting that he will never understand the crazy requests you make of him…Why NOT chase that cat, it looks just like a rabbit?????

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I take many dogs in at the farm who are struggling with their environment and “misbehaving” in response to their confusion or frustration with their circumstances. For all our well meaning intentions, there seems to be a general misunderstanding about the nature of the DOG. Of course, we need him to be our companion and our helpmate and our audience and our hiking partner and our protector but I am afraid there are some basic needs that he has that simply cannot be ignored…Yes, he needs food and vet care, yes, he needs stimulation and yes he needs our attention but he does NOT need a $200 dog bed or a Luis Vuitton collar or more TV Watching or more cuddles or fancy foods. What he (the DOG) needs is stability, clear parameters exercise and private time….(NO TALKING, NO TOUCHING, NO EYE CONTACT)!!!
Without these basic components in his life, he will always struggle to be the dog you always wanted and you will both have trouble being the great partnership you were meant to be…

Lewisburg Diamond and Gold Lewisburg WV

The Hornet is not a bird, the Horse is not a cat and the DOG is of course, Man’s Best Friend but he is still a dog!!
Nb Thank you Cesar for your words..

-Janine Lazarus, Hashtag #78. June 2016.

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