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christina and troy april 2016

Since publishing the last LBSPY, I have been rebranding and building its new website. It’s been a busy month and I am excited to share all the wonderful plans I have in store for you. After 4 years as LBSPY, I am transitioning the publication’s name to “Hashtag Lewisburg” to further build our community network. In the last year, I have integrated many social media aspects into the print publication and I will continue adding interesting qualities that make this paper fun and engaging for readers of all ages.

Hashtag Lewisburg WV

I am also reinventing the paper to cater to kids and grandparents. The more I raise my son Troy (who is now 8 years young), the more I see ways to entertain him. As we grow as a family, the more I notice how many things there are to do in our area. I feel the paper has the ability to show nightlife as well as daytime activities for kids and grandparents.

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Similar with LBSPY, which was officially called Lewisburg Spy, Hashtag Lewisburg will not only cover happenings in Lewisburg but across several towns and counties. We will continue to feature food, music, shopping, and events from Clifton Forge to Beckley; Alderson to Snowshoe Mtn. and beyond. Our distribution will also remain the same at 7,000 full color, free papers distributed across 5+ counties in WV and VA.

Shoneys Lewisburg WV

Since its inception in February of 2012, this paper has been dedicated to providing the most useful information for our readers and best publicity for our advertisers. We have strived to provide quality content thanks to our contributing writers and illustrators: Larry Berger, the sommeliers at The Greenbrier Resort, Margaret Baker, Bailey Pace, Dr. Tim Pence, Travis Canterbury, Jim Snyder, India Keller, Jim Warner, Emily Sullivan, Susanna Robinson, Janine Lazarus, Craig Miller, and so many more.

At first I was reluctant to see the name change from LBSPY, since I’d been involved since it began, and I’ve grown used to telling people about the publication. With each issue, I realize that more and more people are accessing it online (both new issues and archival columns), and the Hashtag Lewisburg name seems to support that natural transition, while also easily identifying it as OUR Lewisburg for anyone who wishes to pick up a copy to learn about our wonderful community and the surrounding areas. GO HASHTAG LEWISBURG! – Susanna Robinson. (contributing writer)

Greenbrier Chiropractic Center Lewisburg WV

The name Hashtag is chosen because I feel it’s the new graffiti. Dating back to ancient Egypt, the most notable of formal linkages around the globe has always been graffiti. Artists would write (and more recently spray) graffiti tags on walls. Graffiti moves messages across cities and subway cars and hashtags move communication across cyberspace. Hashtags connect the world. Artists, businesses, non-profits, activists, inventors etc. can all express themselves and get noticed internationally using hashtags. As long as the interwebs and social media are around so are hashtags. There is also no paper in the world called “Hashtag” and we are fortunate to be the first.

This publication has always been “our community network” and we please support us in this mission. Also, look through and tell us what you think!

If you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback, please email me directly at

Hugs and love this month!

All the light,
Christina Entenmann. Hashtag Lewisburg #77. May 2016.

hash – tag /haSHtag/ is a noun. You can find hashtags on popular social media sites such as twitter, instagram, and twitter. It is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. Examples are #LewisburgWV #GoToWV #ShopLocal #LiveFreeOrDie… more description to follow in the next issue!

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