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my dog and i may 2016

I have recently been inundated with a particular brand of dog…The Poodle X!
For some reason, it has become a very popular move to breed all kinds of poodles with all kinds of other breeds. These mixes are really interesting, all shapes and sizes and generally great fun. Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, Mini labradoodles and Goldendoodles, Schnoodles and the other day, my first Sheepadoodle!!!

Wild Bean Lewisburg, WV

I am waiting for a Bassetoodle and a Spoodle to complete my collection. What’s Up? Is it because these dogs supposedly don’t shed or perhaps because people cannot resist the “oodle” in the name? Anyway, I am not complaining at all as I am having a marvelous time with these guys. They are sweet, intelligent and vivacious. Easy to teach and game for anything. BUT I am a little curious about the proliferation of these mixes and why they have become so enormously prevalent. OK, not shedding is great, I am with you however, choosing a dog because of his easy-care coat cannot be the only reason one picks him….Can it?? These puppies are also adorable!! And just make you want to cuddle them and stroke their fur…I am not immune. However…yes, here she goes…they are FULL of energy, very intelligent and can be, because of their Hunting Dog background, a little sharp.

Asylum Lewisburg WV

Did it come as a surprise that your little fluffball took ahold of your finger when you tried to remove your shoe from his mouth and drew blood?? What about when Cutie Pie decided to climb through the windows after being on his own for a couple of hours unattended or systematically attacked the cat, finally driving her from the house?

Yes, these Guys have character…Remember Gremlins?? They can jump really high and run really fast. They are independent and brilliant. They require grooming, exercise and attention Oh and did I mention exercise??
You cannot put them away for long periods of time and bring them out on occasion to play with them. They will jump on everyone once you have taught them that everyone thinks they are wonderful and they will BITE!!

Shoneys Lewisburg WV

It is going to be important, once you have brought this delightful creature home to begin to harden yourself just a little to the fluff and try to take in his “dogness”. Pay attention to little amusing behaviors that will turn into large obnoxious ones and remember that a little discipline (ooo there’s that word!) and some parameters will help your adoraboodle become a much better companoodle. (Figure that one out!)

And as I gaze into my crystal ball and see a future where every dog has an “oodle” in its resume, I await anxiously to see what a Doberdoodle, a Mastoodle and a German Shepadoodle look like!

– Janine Lazarus, owner of Goodladd Dog Training. Hashtag Lewisburg #77. May 2016.

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