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Even given a complex world it has been said that nearly all problems can be reduced to a simplicity. The solution to the problem is often overlooked because of it’s being “too simple” for such a complex problem. There is possibly one exception, that is….the attempt to make sense out of apparently irrational human behavior. This leads to obsessive circular thought which is futile, for it doesn’t result in improved understanding. It’s like, “Stop trying to make sense out of something that doesn’t make any sense “!

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Another truism, if there is a perpetual, unresolving problem (e.g. war, disease) there must be a profitable margin for someone somewhere.

Personally, I’ve often felt blessed but sometimes cursed, due to my desire to understand the “why” of things. I struggled with some subjects like algebra, chemistry, and physics because I couldn’t just simply apply the formulas without understanding the why of the formulas! My friends and family over the years have claimed that I over analyze everything and make things too complicated for my own good. Perhaps I do.

On the other hand, understanding the why of things can more assuredly lead to the best solution when solving a problem.

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In my Future Doc practice I apply this need to know why when helping solve my patients’ health issues. As best we can, we keep “Pulling The String” so to speak, until we find the real or best why. For example, if someone has high blood pressure we seek to discover what organs or glands may be stressed or weakened such that the body’s innate compensating mechanisms may include a rise in blood pressure. There may be hundreds of reasons why one’s blood pressure is high. To artificially force a lower pressure with drugs may be necessary at times but it never solves the underlying why. With the side effects of the drug and the real why being virtually ignored, the problem continues and health and vitality will diminish further. That downward spiral in health will likely continue through new medical diagnoses “requiring” further medicinal or surgical intervention.

In all health conditions there is/are underlying whys or reasons. In my Future Doc practice, a non invasive system of analysis helps us to determine the real why in nearly any undesirable health condition. The simplicity is that most result from weakened organ/glandular/body parts due to nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, and or nerve interfere. The real solution must discover and address these. Otherwise, the downward spiral continues and will become more difficult to handle in the future.

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Having said this, the ultimate why or reasons lie in the spiritual or thought realm. We are and become not only what we eat, but what and how we think. Negative thought and the forceful application of our concepts of right and wrong is destructive. This idea is not new. However, new science is increasingly supporting this reality.

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– Dr. Tim Pence. LBSPY #72. December 2015.

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