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A phobia is an “irrational” fear. A person suffering from a phobia will experience an exaggerated fear response akin to a panic attack when confronted by a particular entity or situation and, in some circumstances, they will develop a fear of the panic attack itself, ensuring that the original phobia grows arms and legs! The list of what frightens (or might frighten) an individual is endless and includes but is not limited to fear of: an item such as a button, a needle, or even a specific place or thing; An animal, or an insect of any sort; A situation or experience such as being in an enclosed space, in the dark, social situations, flying or visiting a doctor or dentist;

The sufferer (phobic) is aware, usually, at a “common sense” level, that their fear is irrational; however this knowledge does not help to reduce or eliminate the terror reaction and, in some cases, the phobic can be so debilitated that their life is completely constrained.

The number 1 fear is public speaking, followed by snakes, then spiders! The phobic will not be able to “get over” their fear simply by facing up to it or being told to “get over it”. Usually the fear is totally unsubstantiated, there is no rational explanation as to why the fear holds such a powerful grip on the person.

This is where hypnotherapy can be invaluable. In hypnosis, your conscious, critical analytical part of the mind is gently sidelined. In this altered state of awareness you become more open, and responsive, to suggestion. Furthermore the state of hypnosis generates hypermnesia i.e. An increased ability to recall details from the past. You will then be encouraged to recall an earlier, extremely positive experience and, having done so, persuaded to relive that experience as if it were happening in the moment, thus allowing you to reconnect with all of the positive, powerful, confidence building feelings and emotions you experienced in the past.

The mind is amazing and oh so powerful. A simple word, sentence, or image can cause physical reactions in the body. Think about that for a moment, if someone just suggested a thought or image to you, even though it was unsubstantiated, and perhaps untrue, your body would then manifest organic reactions to the suggestion. Where the mind goes, the body follows! Always remember to be positive, say and think only good thoughts, and always be confident and in control of only one person, YOURSELF! Questions or comments about hypnosis? Email them to md@positizehypnosis.

– “The Hypnotist” aka Michael Denis

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