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This is the time of year that many of us get that blue feeling. This seasonal “disorder,”…da blues, doesn’t shake off as easily as when there is plenty of sunshine to be had and physical activities to do. It’s unfortunate that many experience depression frequently and even some nearly non stop, regardless of the season. Although I’m certainly not an expert on depression or mood disorders, as a practicing Chiropractor/Nutritionist I have observed the impact that chronic pain and/or poor nutritional states can have on one’s emotional/mental state. It isn’t difficult to understand that if one is in chronic pain that he or she may become depressed. This emotional depression can further create a deepening and wider experience of pain which may further lead to activity avoidance, disability, and acceleration degeneration (joints deteriorate without movement, aka “use it or lose it.”) This is a downward, spiraling cycle.

My most rewarding experience as a health care provider are those cases in which we are able to halt and then reverse this destructive cycle. To witness a patient in chronic pain, depression, and sometimes crankiness transform into a happy, delightful being is well…priceless.

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As we know, one doesn’t have to be in physical pain to experience da blues. The role of nutrition in one’s emotional and mental state is severely undervalued. When we think of poor nutrition we often get mental image pictures of pot bellied children. This is the extreme of undernourishment, underfed.

In our culture we have the condition of overfed and malnourished. In general, plenty to eat but deficient in the nutrients necessary for healthy body function and restoration. This includes mental and emotional balance. This situation begets its own downward spiraling into symptoms and disease including depression in which we conventionally suppress with drugs and/or surgery.

In the Future Doc practice there is NOT a treatment specific for depression. There IS discovery of what body area/part/gland/organ is stressed, what is stressing it, what nutrients are needed, and then guidance and time to improve and restore optimal body function.

This is the latest of many wins I have observed with my patients

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– Dr. Tim Pence, LBSPY #62. February 2015


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