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Dear Future Doc, I have been experiencing pain from my right hip for about a year. I run several marathons a year and sometimes I need to take it easy because the pain is so intense. The pain gradually started in 2013 and then I had an episode where it got really bad. I saw a doctor for this and he said I may have bursitis. He recommended I take it easy and take ibuprofen. After seeing the dr, I stopped running for about a month. I am now back to running almost daily about 3-5 miles. I notice that if I run slow I’m okay but pushing too hard brings back pain. I’m 26 year old male. Is there anything you can suggest? – Runner.

Hello Runner, Thanks for your inquiry and for sharing your story. Runners are particularly susceptible to joint problems. Because of the number of joints involved and the repetitive stress that accompanies running, a minor joint misalignment or restriction can effect multiple joints up and down the kinetic or movement chain. While you are experiencing hip pain, it could be that you have “failing foot” arches and/or muscular imbalances that have created knee instability. …..which in turn exaggerate or alter the forces that enter the hip joint and supporting structures. Many other scenarios could be causing YOUR issue hypothetically. As is often the case, a spinal misalignment…..especially involving the sacroiliac and/or the lumbosacral joints in your case, may be a primary problem or a perpetuating factor.

So, when evaluating a biomechanical dysfunction like your recurrent hip pain, it is wise to view the entire kinetic chain… step back and “see the forest rather than the one tree alone”.

A similar case in point, a recent young female cross country/ long distance runner came into the office with an acute episode of hip pain. After complete evaluation it was determined that she had hip pain due to flattened arches in her feet which caused sacoriliac and lumbar vertebral misalignment complicated by heavy metal toxicity in her lower extremity. She was chiropractically adjusted, fitted with customized foot orthotics and started a homeopathic metal detox. She’s currently doing very well and no more hip issues reported! – Dr Tim Pence.

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