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We are learning how to play more!! Last week I started a new puppy class at the Fairgrounds and met an amazing group of brand new students!!

We had a wide assortment of shapes and sizes from a Rottweiler to a Puggle/Bulldog…They ran the gamut from “shy” to “pushy” and I had a wonderful time watching their new owners swing from delight to frustration as their lives took on a whole new dimension. Amazing how we forget how much impact these little guys can have on our routines!! Simply having to adjust our sleeping and waking schedules can be challenging, let alone, puppy-proofing the whole house and having to stay vigilant while shaping and directing a fledgling personality!! It is always so interesting to see what choices people have made when selecting a puppy. In what way, they have decided their lives need to change….and change they will!!

But the one thing I keep getting from these guys is their capacity for fun…and their ability to take us there with them. It’s easy to get caught up in the rule-making and forget to just enjoy these little ones for the very brief time that they are babies. Don’t worry too much about whether your pup can sit – instead try to stay connected…eye contact, name recognition and LOTS of “lets go!! ..with time out for frequent naps!! . Yes, we must be responsible dog owners but we can also enjoy the joy!!
So, one of the things we talked about was the importance of using the correct collars and leashes while starting to train these little ones. It has been hard to find a good nylon training collar, a light leather leash and nutritious treats but Serenity Now Outfitters in downtown Lewisburg has a new line of these essentials in stock so now you don’t have to go far.

Banksie, Lizzie and I are enjoying the few snow flurries and looking forward to our first West Virginia winter. We also have nice, bright orange collars so we won’t get mistaken for DEER??

– Janine Lazarus, LBSPY #47 (Dec 2-16, 2013)

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