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That’s an English term for have “eaten too much”…and therein lies the message behind this episode of dog advice.

Just because this is the season for us to indulge beyond a reasonable amount, does NOT mean that we have to subject our poor pooches to the same torture. Yes, I know that we, in all our kindness want to share the bounty with our pack mates but believe me, dogs do not know it is Thanksgiving and they do not know how to regulate their intake sensibly. The fact is that after a “kill” a pack of dogs will eat all they are capable of eating because, who knows when they may get lucky again? But our domestic friends are used to a nice, orderly daily regimen of two fairly simple meals and when you suddenly start throwing in some delicious, spicy turkey with a bit of extra gravy and oh yes, how about a tiiny piece of pumpkin pie? The results can be unpleasant –yes, I am talking about you, Banksie– not to mention dangerous!

So, be careful how you invite your pets to “join in” with the holiday festivities and if you are going to give them a little “treat” keep it very small with as few spices and seasonings as possible and DEFINITELY keep the sugary stuff out of the picture.

If you notice any signs of distress from your pet’s overeating, you could start by limiting his diet for a couple of days and feeding some plain white rice – yes, I know it’s not very appetizing but whose fault is that?? A nice, slow walk around the block will do you both good but any other untoward or unusual symptoms should be taken to your local vet as soon as possible. Stomach complaints in canines can be FATAL.

So, now that I have cast a pall on your holiday fun, let me suggest something that we often do not consider. Having a dog is the most MARVELOUS excuse for getting out of
1.) Dishwashing,
2.) Talking to your in-laws,
3.) Staying too long at your in-laws,
4.) Watching a boring football game on TV,
5.) Sitting in an overheated house, listening to your children argue.
And you have someone who still adores you even if you did not purchase them the right interactive computer game!!

Next issue will have lots of suggestions for Xmas gifts for your pooch even tho’ he won’t know it is Xmas either!!

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– Janine Lazarus, LBSPY #48. (Dec 16-Jan 13, 2014)

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