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It’s that time again, another year winding down and a brand new year awaits us. This is a time we do a little reviewing and thoughts of changing areas in our lives where we feel inadequate or a need for improvement. At the top of the list for many are health and fitness conditions, such as excessive body weight and body shapes. It’s the thunder thighs, wide bottoms, belly rolls, muffin tops and our saddle bags that often drive our dissatisfaction and our desire for improvement. Aside from these more or less superficial reasons for weight loss are the more significant health problems associated with excessive weight and obesity, eg, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, degenerative joint disease, and some cancers, etc.

While there are many approaches to “weight problems”, it is important to understand that weight issues are rarely ever the primary problem. Weight is merely a shadow or symptom. This is the first secret regarding weight issues. Most approaches to weight loss generally address weight as the primary problem and end up chasing the pounds back and forth and in time one ends up with more pounds than one started with.

The second secret to weight issues is the knowledge that excessive weight is most commonly a result of malnourishment! The Standard American Diet is so deficient in nutrients that we are driven to eat excessively in a futile effort to get what our bodies need.

In the Future Doc Practice, patients with weight issues always have an underlying nutritional deficiency and gland or organ dysfunction. Additionally, most also have one or more of the five common stressors (as introduced in previous LBSPY articles), such as metal or chemical toxicity.

The third secret to weight loss is the fact that there are as many “solutions” to losing weight as there are people. Certainly, there are common patterns that exist among stubborn weight issues. However, the best approach is a customized nutritional program that can determine what glands or organs have weakened and what deficiencies are present. When the correct program is applied correctly, the results are invariably improved overall health with the primary side effect of normalized body weight and shape.

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– Tim Pence, LBSPY #48 (Dec 16-Jan 13, 2014)


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