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MyDog&I Nov 18 2

We are working on our newest challenge….CAR CHASING!! Since we have been staying at a friend’s farm in the country, we do not have a lot of activity in our neighborhood.
Hence, when some unsuspecting person walks or drives by the entrance to the farm, it has become extremely fun, apparently to race up the driveway, barking ferociously and tearing in pursuit at full speed. NOT the type of behavior that reflects a well-trained dog…….

Sooo, now we have to address this situation before we get evicted from the property!!
An active prey drive, whether the “prey” is a person, a car or a rabbit, cannot be encouraged or allowed in everyday life. Unless the dog is a hunter or a working police dog, for example, this is generally frowned-upon behavior. For most of us, a wildly exciting chase through the park after a dog, after a squirrel, is frustrating at best!!

MyDog&I Nov 18

Well, although Banksie is practically perfect (Silly grin from the Weimeraner), I have to face the fact that this new habit is going to occur and be prepared to step ahead of him in order to correct it. Being aware is just the first step.

If your dog-partner habitually behaves in an unacceptable way at inappropriate times, you will have to bite the bullet, acknowledge that this is your job to take care of and step in to make a change. The longer an unwanted behavior continues, the harder it is to change. S’true…If you get stuck about strategies, just call.

Well, this week we begin puppy classes at the State Fairgrounds. It will be great to work in a warm, open space with bright lights in the winter!! And so fun…what could be better than a pile of puppies? I will take lots of pictures and post them in the next edition. This week’s favorite picture illustrates “sharing and tolerance…”

Do you have questions and/or comments? If yes, please Email me!

– Janine Lazarus, LBSPY #46. (Nov 18-Dec 2, 2013)

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