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Had SO much fun at TOOT! We were helping out at the Humane Society Stand on Church Street where we talked a few of our dog-friends into fantastic new homes!! Such a success…only thing is, I had to keep turning around to make sure Banksie hadn’t found himself a better situation – and there were several offers….

We have been talking to lots of people about new dogs recently and trying to help match up the right partners. Are you the active type or do you just think you are? Do you already have your hands full with little ones and think a puppy is a good idea? Are you a social person who is taking home a “non-sharer”? These are the hard questions to ask yourself when you look into a pair of sad brown eyes that seem to be calling you. A partnership with a dog will last many years and an honest look at what your needs and expectations are may save you and your dog a great deal of heartache. On the positive side, there are so many great dogs at the Animal Shelter who would be grateful for the chance to show you their stuff!!

Saturday mornings at Carnegie, continue into the cooler weather and a new puppy class will be starting at the Fairlea Animal Hospital to get your little ones off to a great start! So important to begin shaping that cute behavior before it gets ahead of itself and causes trouble! We have been working with a Great Dane Puppy, Thibodeaux, who was getting a little bit too “big for his britches” and between one lesson and the next, I swear he grew six inches!! One minute Banksie was the “big brother” and next, he had to get out of the way of the TRUCK! (he let me know this was not in his work description). Imagine trying to move 160lbs of dog off the couch!!

We will see you all downtown and outside the Wild Bean coffee shop as the great weather holds and encourage everyone to get in touch with any questions you might have about “things dog”. I am off now to go and find something really embarrassing to dress Banksie up in for Halloween…(Evil laugh…)

Do you have questions and/or comments? If yes, please send to:

– Janine Lazarus, LBSPY #44. (Oct 21-Nov 4, 2013)

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