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With all of the discussion regarding health care over the past several decades and more recently “Obama Care”, it seems wise to consider the true beneficiaries of any government policy and health insurance in general. In our nation we spend in a year nearly double the amount per person on health care than the closest other nation. Yet, as a nation we rank near the bottom in almost every index of health. It’s quite apparent that we get only a little bang for the buck as a consumer of health care. On the other hand, the care of disease drives a huge chunk of the economy and a substantial return of investment is “earned” by the relatively few who invest in the disease industry.

When special interests dictate what the issues are, frame the discussion, and disproportionally influence the viewpoint of policy makers, they are at the very least assured of an outcome that will be in their better interest. The debate, battle, and discussion that we observe is more about which special interest will benefit the most from a particular policy. It’s about whom and what makes the most cents rather than what makes the most sense. Examples of this are all around us and it could be said that this characterizes the broader political process that we still call “democracy”.

While I am speaking in generalities, I bring this to attention because those policy decisions (and indecisions) involving the environment, the food and agricultural industries, and health industry have had and will have a significant negative impact on our health. To a large degree, policies protecting and supporting basic health requirements such as clean water, wholesome food production, and a non- toxic environment have been gutted by the influence of special interests. Additionally, if the treatment of sickness and disease continues as the medical model and to be the cash cow for the relative few with deep- pockets, what incentive is there to create health?

In our culture, we are taught to treat the symptom, “manage the disease”, and generally accept the idea that our health condition “runs in the family” and/or is merely part and parcel to the aging process. This viewpoint has been perpetuated by powerful self- professed “authorities” in health care whose “solutions” by and large include more drugs and more surgery. The U.S. already consumes 50% of the world’s drug production. Will increased access to the system by increasing those covered by insurance improve overall health conditions? The seemingly endless discussion about who does and who doesn’t have health coverage appears to miss the point, if that point is indeed to actually improve the nation’s health and reduce the cost of that care.

The confusion, misunderstanding and fear surrounding health and disease is likely the greatest obstacle to healing. That which we don’t understand, or that which we fear, we become the effect of. It deflects attention and resources away from true causes and appropriate solutions, including personal responsibility. Nearly all health challenges that you currently have or will experience in the future have nutritional deficiency and/or toxicity factors that are causative, or preventive of satisfactory resolution. Find this article on

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

– Dr. Timothy Pence, LBSPY #43 (Oct 7-21, 2013)


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