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Wisdom From the Woods: Life Lessons Learned From Being Around My Beloved Twin Brother by Jim Shock

Jim Shock and JP
(Pictured: Jim Shock & JP)

As summer fades into autumn’s blaze, lush greens blush from the sun’s kiss. The air is light as ether now. My mind drifts in and out of consciousness. Consumed with thoughts real and imagined of what was, wasn’t and might yet be. Now I bid a bittersweet adieu to one season and graciously await its sibling.

What was… my childhood tugs tightly at my sleeve. I rake together scattered thoughts into neat piles begging to be dispersed by a joyful bound. My brother in arms, soul-to-soul soldiers, we march on crisp carpets through doorways of discovery. We’re hunting an adventure. A canopy of colors overhead holds tightly to its host, like I cling to my memories of you. Dimpled cheeks washed by the wind glow as the sun quickens her climb down the mountain and we head toward home—together.

What wasn’t… should’ve been and won’t. Unclimbed hills and overgrown trails not trampled by our travels beckon me. The echoes of shouts to come play go unanswered in the hollows of my heart. I pause, look back and ponder why you keep your distance. Something knowingly nudges me forward alone. Still, I drag my feet hoping my paltry pace will hasten your journey. But I know my unsteady steps only leave me behind. So I quicken my climb upward and look for you on the hill to head toward home—together.

What might yet be… has been for a while. Distance diminishes with each stride. More steps behind than ahead; I move fearlessly forward to our meeting spot. Corners camouflage the woods between us but I know right where I’m going. Cells divided yearn to unite. In the meantime, memories will bind us. The window to your soul is an open doorway to discoveries yet to share. I seek your wise brown eyes along my path to paradise. As I fall back on my memories, I look forward to the day we head toward home—together.

Happy trails, JP!

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