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Future Doc: Timing is Everything…Well, Almost by Dr. Timothy Pence

In recent Future Doc articles the common stressors or burdens that may prevent or delay healing were introduced. Those being; toxic chemicals, heavy metals, body scars, hidden immune challenges, food sensitivities, and spinal misalignment. Other vastly important considerations involved in a healing program are the factors of time and timing. Just as most disease and undesirable health conditions result from a continuing process over a period of time, healing is also an ongoing process over time. To re-quote a mentor ….“There are no unreasonable expectations, but there are unreasonable time frames”.

The good news is that the body is innately inclined toward survival and good health. When given the correct healing program most cases take only a fraction of the time to restore health as it took to create the poor condition. Chronic (long term) conditions require years, decades, and sometimes a lifetime of nutritional deficiencies before becoming established. Thus, a healing program that typically creates noticeable benefits within three to six months in a chronic case is quite remarkable. An understanding of healing and the time required is essential to a natural healing program. In other words, a patient patient and a patient doc is necessary.

Not only does the healing process require time, it also requires the correct timing. The body typically weakens gradually over time and in “layers”. Often so gradually that one is unaware of their diminishing health. Like a dimmer on a light switch, if one turns the switch slowly enough the change becomes imperceptible. Various signs and symptoms may occur along the downward path, but in our culture we are essentially taught to treat the symptom not the cause.

By timing, we mean addressing the most important body area or most significant stressor at the optimal time and in correct order. Most cases entering a natural health improvement program at the Future Doc practice will have multiple stressed and weakened body areas in which one or more of the common stressors exist in addition to a depleted nutritional status. For example, a thyroid gland that is being stressed by a chemical toxicity, poor heart output, and a mineral deficiency will not likely improve by addressing the mineral deficiency alone. In this case, the heart may be the priority followed by a chemical detox and the finally concentrated minerals specific for the thyroid. This is a process requiring time and timing. Fortunately, by using Future Doc methods the priority of handling can be determined and the exact support (detox nutrient, remedy) discovered. When applied in a timely manner with a participating patient there are significant improvements in health if given sufficient time. Find this article on

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”
– Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

– Dr. Timothy Pence, Greenbrier Chiropractic Center. LSBPY #42 (Sept 23-Oct 7, 2013)


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