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In previous Future Doc articles I introduced the five common stressors that may prevent or slow healing, namely; heavy metals, toxic chemicals, body scars, food sensitivities, and hidden immune challenges. Another common stressor that is routinely checked in the Future Doc practice is the presence of the Vertebral Subluxation. This is a chiropractic term for spinal misalignment, or simply put, a vertebra or joint that is “out of whack”. The misalignment we refer to is not a dislocation as such, but an altered position of a vertebra that gets “stuck”, and thus cannot move freely in its normal range of motion.

The most obvious cause of misalignment is an impact injury whereby a sudden force exceeds the limits of a joint’s protective tissues (e.g. ligaments). Less obvious causes include prolonged mechanical stress produced by postural imbalances and repetitive faulty movement patterns. Another less obvious cause (and a factor in the other causes) is poor nutritional status, which weakens support tissue strength and endurance. Degenerative joint or disc disease for example, has both mechanical and nutritional factors.

When vertebrae misalign a number of things can occur. If there is tissue damage, pain and inflammation at that joint typically ensues. This creates a reflex type protective muscle spasm that reduces further movement of the injured joint. Ironically, muscle relaxing medications tend to negate this inherently intelligent mechanism, which may increase the potential for further tissue damage. The misalignment can also create vascular and nerve interference and thus compromise their communication and nutrient delivering pathways. In this way, a localized area of joint misalignment may lead to areas of dysfunction distant to the original joint misalignment. Furthermore, due to their location and anatomical relationship to neurological structure; (such as the cranial nerves, brain stem and spinal cord) upper neck vertebrae can, when misaligned, cause or contribute to a wide range of dysfunctional body areas including glands and organs.

The primary method of chiropractic treatment used at the Future Doc practice combines the best of 7 different techniques. The resulting spinal or joint adjustment is gentle and very specific. The primary effect of the treatment is to reduce neurological stress resulting from misalignments which in turn improves vascular, endocrine, and immune functions as well as musculoskeletal function.

Therefore, in the The Future Doc Practice the emphasis on and appropriate use of chiropractic care is not relegated only to the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints or injuries. It is understood that the postural and structural integrity of the body plays a primary role in the cause and prevention of disease regardless of a patient’s presenting complaint or symptom. In fact, the most advantageous application of chiropractic is not in the treatment of symptoms….but in maximizing wellness, improving athletic performance, and in reaching toward one’s highest physical and mental potential.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.”
– Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

– Tim Pence, LBSPY #41 (Sept 9-23, 2013)


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