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Future Doc: Food Sensitivities by Dr. Tim Pence

As discussed in previous Future Doc articles, it is vitally important to detect and handle the common stressors that can prevent or delay body healing. I have introduced toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and body surface scars……In this issue I will introduce the fourth common stressor, Sensitivities to major foods.

Of all the common stressors, food sensitivities are probably the most prevalent. In the Future Doc practice we monitor each case for sensitivities to Major Foods. These are food items or groups that exist in the typical American diet and are usually consumed on a daily basis. Namely; sugars, grains, eggs, milk, and cheese. A compelling reason behind these sensitivities stems from the repeated and generationally increased consumption of food “products”. Several generations now have been raised on foods that have been altered at many levels from the seed to the table. These common, but adulterated foods have been made abundant and inexpensive and thus are used in the creation of “newer, faster, tastier, and healthier” food products.

Our Gastrointestinal tracts (GI) are lined with specialized cells that act as border patrol agents. In fact, 80% of our bodies’ immune system lies within our GI Tract! When these immune cells detect something foreign or unfriendly to our “internal” environment (like altered food) they react. Repeated exposure to the same “invaders” creates sensitivity and eventually an inflammatory battle ground within the GI Tract. The prolonged battle begins to breakdown the barrier or gut wall that protects our internal environment from the external environment. This is the leaky gut syndrome. This scenario (although somewhat simplified) is believed to be the primary reason we have seen a rampant increase in the prevalence and severity of autoimmune disorders, Autistic Spectrum disorder, and allergy related disorders. Additionally, it is now beyond mere speculation that this scenario plays a role in cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

In The Future Doc practice, it is very common to find a food sensitivity issue contributing to a seemingly unrelated body area. Some examples; severe recurrent headaches related to wheat sensitivity, chronic joint pain related to white refined sugar, mental/emotional “depression” related to corn consumption. As has been said, “Anything can cause anything.” In the Future Doc practice that “anything” can be found and something can be done about it.

In the next Future Doc issue, I’ll discuss the fifth common stressor, Hidden Immune Challenges.

– Dr. Timothy Pence @ LBSPY #39 (Aug 12-26th, 2013).


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