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Heavy Metals by Dr. Timothy Pence

In the last issue body scars were discussed as one of the 5 common stressors or burdens that may prevent or slow healing. The other four include toxic chemicals, food sensitivities/allergies, hidden immune challenges, and heavy metals.

Heavy metals, not rap, country, or bluegrass gets our attention at The Future Doc practice. The issue of heavy metal toxicity has increasingly become a complication in health care because of its ability to interrupt normal bodily function. There are many ways heavy metals interfere in the body at the cellular level. One of the more common ways is by hormone or biochemical disruption. What this means is that instead of the hormone (biochemical messengers) being able to bind at its appropriate cellular binding site a heavy metal displaces it and binds instead. This can interfere with the ability of the hormone to activate a certain function. It often appears as though there is a hormone deficiency when in fact it is simply because heavy metal toxicity has interrupted the communication pathway.

The most common heavy metals that we find causing problems with patients in our future doc practice are mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminum. It’s important to note that we all have been and are increasingly exposed to these heavy metals. A normal healthy body is equipped at several levels to detect, metabolize and then excrete toxic substances. A sudden over exposure can be deadly as we know such as arsenic poisoning. More commonly however, is a gradual accumulation of these over time due to an exhausted or nutritionally deficient detoxifying gland, organ, or pathway of excretion.

In my future doc practice, “…anything can cause anything”. A very common finding is heavy metal toxicities that contribute to chronic unresolving joint pain. A structural correction of joint misalignment or dysfunction “won’t hold” or stay corrected due to weakened tissues caused by underlying heavy metal stress. I’ve had many patients relieved of long standing joint problems after having assisted their bodies by eliminating heavy metals. In many of these cases the patient had previously accepted the idea that there pain was due to aging or arthritis, and thus requiring ongoing pain relieving/masking medication.

In addition to joint or structural problems, heavy metals contribute to many other types of health challenges, for example; fatigue, stubborn weight issues, endocrine imbalances, headaches, etc… “… anything can cause anything”! The next Future Doc will discuss the burdens cause by toxic chemicals.

– Dr. Timothy Pence, Greenbrier Chiropractic Center.

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