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Wisdom From the Woods: Life Lessons Learned from Being Around a Happy-Go-Lucky Guy by Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods – Life Lessons Learned From Being Around a Happy-Go-Lucky Guy

A persona is the person you become when you’re not comfortable being who you are. We all know people with the character of a chameleon. They effortlessly shift shades to suit their surroundings. They’re also known as shady! I crave authentic people. I don’t care if you’re an authentic jerk or an authentic joy, just pick a personality and be consistent. Some of the phoniest people I know are the ones trying to convince me they’re real. I’ve had amazing moments with complete strangers who’ve helped me instinctively. Compassion is implanted in their character as West Virginians by generations of kindhearted kinfolk. I’d like to think I’m the same way. My grandmother NEVER gave me bad advice. Many of her lessons took years to marinade in my mind before making sense. I try to look at the world with her perspective. Don’t treat others the way you want to be treated. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat someone you love. Yes, it’s possible to be too nice. Even so, I treat others the way I’d like them to treat my brother. Even if the receiver is indifferent or exploits my kindness, I go to bed with a clear conscience knowing I did the right thing. I’ll likely wake up and do it again. I believe in eternal energy. Positive and negative charges combine to create electricity. Pun intended, it generates a “shock”. I’m a total product of the positive and negative charges around me. A constant swirl of negative energy drains the soul. Let those you delight in be your dynamo for happiness. A buddy of mine says, “You get out of life what you give to it.” “The guy” is a source of positive renewable energy to everyone around him. He doesn’t try. He’s just authentically is who he is. I aspire to be like him. He’s recycled personal pain into joy and makes people laugh—lots! I hope I recharge spirits the same way he does mine. Thanks Mark!

– Jim Shock, LBSPY 30 (April 8-22, 2013)

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