Howes’ Things in Lewisburg.

Howes’ Things will celebrate 2 years on July 1st. In that time the local as well as tourist communities have discovered a place that is unique to downtown Lewisburg. STYLE, COLOR, FUN, PANACHE is the motto for this small boutique. “My concept was to have a shop that feels like a high end boutique in […]

Poor Taters @ The Sweet Shoppe, July 21

Upcoming at the Sweet Shop this month (JULY 21) will be the Lewisburg debut of the fun-loving Poor Taters, a delightful mixture of oldtime, bluegrass, folk, rock and jazz. Having known most of these boys since they were just barely past being edgy little punk teenagers, I have followed their musical careers and supported any […]

Wisdom from the Woods: Good Quality People by Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods – Life lessons learned from being around Good Quality People. It’s said that stereotypes are founded in truth. I believe West Virginians are all related. We’re connected in ways that outsiders don’t understand. Those of us, who work, work hard. Equally, we enjoy good times to the fullest. We care deeply […]

Wisdom from the Woods: Life. By Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods… Life lessons learned from being around Life. A heart is a resilient thing. It can be beatin’, stalled, stopped, restarted and replaced but it can never be really fixed unless it’s been broken. You have to leave something behind to appreciate why you loved it (and missed it) to begin with. […]

Wisdom from the Woods: Neighborly People. by Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods – Life lessons learned from being around Neighborly People. Don’t tread on me is more a matter of fact than a motto. West Virginians are never stronger than when we band together to trounce trouble. During the recent disaster, sturdy fences of locked arms were wrapped around communities all over the […]

Wisdom From the Woods: Narcissistic People by Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods — Life lessons learned from being around Narcissistic People. The reason people walk away from toxic relationships is because, at some point, they finally realize that the person they’re leaving was never really there at all. When it happens, you realize quickly that what you’ve lost is absolutely nothing -Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods: Manipulative People, by Jim Shock

Wisdom from the Woods – Life lessons learned from being around Manipulators Moving life forward requires heavy lifting on both ends. Helping others feels good until you realize they’ve been helping themselves… to your kindness, generosity and goodwill. That’s when a lack of appreciation turns a labor of love into a tiresome chore. If you […]

Red Audio @ The Sweet Shoppe, Sept 15th

On July 13th, a rock band that “plays anywhere once” came to Lewisburg’s Sweet Shoppe for the first time. The night crowd started light but by around midnight had the bartenders running. The band’s name is Red Audio and they sound like a British garage band that incorporates electronic and rock. The crowd was dancing […]

Stuart’s Smokehouse in Alderson, WV

Where there’s smoke there’s something special cooking in Alderson, WV. Since opening April 15, 2005, Stuart’s Smokehouse has become a favorite stop for hungry locals, tourists and “drifters” making their way down The Greenbrier River. The restaurant’s relaxing riverside locale, casual vibe and friendly staff make Stuart’s Smokehouse a truly one-of-a kinds dining experience in […]

Picnic Picks @ Coleman Cliffs

Beyond the city limits of the “Coolest Small Town in America”, you’ll find some pretty amazing places to just chill, too. In fact, sometimes the best table in the house isn’t indoors at all. Greenbrier County offers an array of ambiances from breathtaking mountaintop vistas, tranquil forest trails and serene creek side settings where you […]

Olympics, Issue #13

I’m really digging this year’s Summer Olympics! I’m certainly no aficionado, but my DVR is filling up with coverage quite nicely and I really look forward to checking out the day’s events each evening. The swimming and gymnastics are my favorite, but I’ve been genuinely excited during every event I’ve watched so far (I will […]

Family Trip, Issue #12

My family and I had to take an unexpected trip this past weekend, and I estimate the four of us spent somewhere around 24 hours in my vehicle over the course of 4 days. Growing up, my dad drove the family everywhere, which meant he never got to enjoy the views or notice odd things […]

Derecho, Issue #11

The day after the June 2012 derecho hit West Virginia, I decided to read a book. Because, what else was there to do, quite honestly? In two days I devoured every word of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by author Cheryl Strayed. The book is a memoir of Strayed’s journey […]

Racquetball, Issue #10

I was hit in the face with a racquetball this week. We play mostly for the cardiovascular exercise, but this week I was feeling pretty competitive. I ran to the front of the court and volleyed the ball, but by the time I could turn around he’d already sent it back my way and it […]