A letter to my Grandson

By Larry Case Hey buddy, you don’t know me yet but I hope you will someday. You see you were just born the other day, and I am your Grandfather. Not long ago I wrote a letter similar to this to your cousin Sophia, she is a couple years older than you and I hope […]

Greenbrier Resort will host a Wild and Wonderful Expo

By Larry Case It is no secret that West Virginia is a hot bed for hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports. West Virginians know this, almost any family has someone who hunts and goes fishing and shoots firearms for recreation. I believe most of us in the Mountain State don’t really think about how deeply […]

Guns & Cornbread: Makayla Scott’s Field of Dreams

This field is Makayla Scott’s dream, she built it and they come! The indomitable force of nature known as Makayla Scott continues to sweep across the country plowing all obstacles out of the way. I have told you about Makayla in these pages before but if you don’t remember she is a 17-year-old shotgun shooting […]

Technology, Hunting, and What is Fair

Would you agree that most hunters think of themselves as rugged and self-reliant? We engage in an ancient activity, some would call it a sport, others wouldn’t, where we pursue wild animals and kill them. Now, I know that is a striking thing to say so early while some of you are having coffee and […]