My Dog & I: Too Shy…

By Janine Lazarus A great many problems with our dogs these days seem to stem from their inability to manage social situations. I get a lot of calls from folks who have already diagnosed their dogs with “fear aggression,” “separation anxiety” and “reactivity” issues. We are SO over-informed about the various catch phrases surrounding our […]

My Dog & I: Baby Steps…

By Janine Lazarus There is nothing as joyful as a new puppy in the house! Everyone is in love and there is laughter, play and lots of kisses!! Kids and adults alike are excited and happy and full of anticipation for a long and fulfilling partnership with their new family member and I must say […]

My Dog and I: It’s Definitely Spring!

By Janine Lazarus You know, ramps, daffodils, mowing, lily white legs in shorts, sneezing and puppies!!! We all emerge from our caves and decide to enjoy the great outdoors again and vow to exercise all that winter padding away. What better way than to take our new, old and rambunctious dogfriends out for a nice […]

The Real World

I have been lucky enough to work with my dogs in very diverse areas. Many dog trainers are bound by their training environment and their “business models” to work with their clients in a carefully proscribed series of steps that produce the “trained dog” that people have come to expect and recognize. The “basics” of […]

My Dog & I: Take Me With You – Janine Lazarus

Having a dog means adding a new member to your family…We have all heard that…but…making space for that new member in our daily patterns is often not included in our plans. We bring home, bring in and shop for these new additions without truly understanding that this new being will want to be included in […]